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ESPN's #NBArank 500-401


Luke Babbitt #401. Will Barton #409. There is no way in the world that there are 99 basketball players in the NBA worse than Luke and little chance Will isn't already better than Babbitt. But that's subjectivity for ya..

Brandon Roy.


a post I did for Brandon Roy on tumblr. Check it out!

Brandon Roy: Will the Portland Blazers Stud Ever Reclaim His Star Status?


When Brandon Roy became inactive in December 2010 due to ongoing pain and stiffness in his knees, the city of Portland held its collective breath. As the face of their franchise, every fan was hoping that he would return to full strength and lead the team to their breakthrough season. (Continued)

Tumblr dedicated to Rudy Fernandez


Hey Blazers fan and Rudy Fernandez fans, I found this blog so check out this tumblr blog and follow it if you love RUDY!!!

Camby goes down with ANKLE INJURY


Man, jsut when Roy's hamstring is getting better, Marcus Camby goes down with a sprained ankle!

the medical Science of Brandon Roys hamstring


Cool post on the reality of Brandon Roys hamstring. Unfortunately, it dos not look too promising. :(

Patty Mills Blazers debut - 360° review


Ok. It was only 5 minutes of action, but there are a whole stack of basketball fans in Australia obsessing over Patty's arrival in the NBA... clearly the writer of this recap is one of them ;) Lots of photos, words and video. In fact, it'll probably take you longer to look it than Mills was on the court.

"Rip City Revival"... Revived!


Thanks to BEdger chuky for putting this up! It's important to note that this is the video from the webplayer (about 117MB), not the 1.6Gb zip. Follow the link and click on "Télécharger ce fichier". That'll let you download it. You'll need VLC media player to watch the clip. Rip City, baby!

Q & A w/ Joel Pryzbilla by Sean Deveney


Great interview with Joel, even though it isn't that long. Nice insight into his career and working with Oden.

Vote Rudy into the Slam Dunk Contest!


Rudy is one of three rookies nominated for the final spot in the 2009 Slam Dunk Contest during All Star Weekend in Phoenix. We, the fans, control who is voted in, so let's get on it! nba.com/dunk Check out this commercial, too. And don't forget to vote for Brandon, Lamarcus, and Greg for the All Star game.

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