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Patty Mills has finally been released from his CBA contract after being released by the Xinjiang Flying Tigers for 'supposedly' faking an injury. He is hopeful to get back in the NBA, with teams such as the Lakers possibly interested in him. Seeing as Portland still owns his rights, do we keep him or trade him? His speed and shooting could prove valuable to any team. What do you all think?

Patty Mills takes up career with Spice Girls


Wondering what Patty Mills has been doing since leaving the Blazers? Well, apart from successful stints in Melbourne and China, he's started a career with the Spice Girls.

Blazers G Patty Mills Leaves Melbourne Tigers For Xinjiang Flying Tigers


The Melbourne Tigers announced on Sunday that Portland Trail Blazers guard Patty Mills, who signed to play for the Australian National Basketball League club back in August, has been released so that he can sign with the Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association. -------------------------- The Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club has released star point guard Patty Mills from his NBL playing contract effective immediately, allowing him to sign with Chinese club Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers. ... "Patty has been great both on and off the court in his time here and despite the fact that it is disappointing to see him depart hopefully we will see him back in the future", McPeake added. Given the fact that the Tigers recruited Mills knowing the current NBA lockout may end and he may return to the US at any stage during the season the club is well prepared for the loss of Mills mid season. The contingency plans for Mills departure have already been implemented and the search for the most appropriate replacement player to join the squad has begun, however, a final decision will not be rushed into. -------------------------- Grantley Bernard of the Melbourne Herald Sun reports that the offer is in the $1 million neighborhood. -------------------------- It is believed the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, having lost an import to injury on the eve of the season, tabled an offer of about $1 million to sign Mills and Melbourne felt it would be unfair to keep him in the NBL on a fraction of the money. ''We have agreed to release him immediately,'' Tigers majority owner Seamus McPeake said. ''The offer is more than our salary cap ($1 million per team) and we couldn't stop him from taking it. He wouldn't make that money here in 10 years.'' -------------------------- Roy Ward of the Sydney Morning Herald reports that the offer is worth $1.5 million. Mills posted the following messages on his Twitter account. -------------------------- Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I got an unbelievable opportunity to play in China. Just want to thank all the basketball fans in Australia for their support while I've been here. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I want to thank everyone involved with the Tigers including my teammates, the ownership & all you fans for making this an awesome experience. I certainly look forward to supporting the team from China over the coming months. Keep the hard work up! -------------------------- Mills will join free agent forward Kenyon Martin (most recently of the Denver Nuggets) on the Flying Tigers roster. Marc Stein of ESPN.com reported on Friday that the team was pursuing free agent guard J.J. Barea (most recently of the Dallas Mavericks) and free agent guard Jamal Crawford (most recently of the Atlanta Hawks) after former NBA guard Quincy Douby suffered a long-term injury. Stein reported that if Barea and Crawford were to have signed, they would have been committing themselves to the club through March, when the Chinese season concludes. Bernard also writes: "Xinjiang has reportedly insisted any signings commit to the entire Chinese season and not return to the NBA once the lockout is over." It sounds like Mills has committed himself to Xinjiang through March without a formal NBA opt-out clause. Update: Sportando.net reports: "Patty Mills' contract in CBA with Xinjiang is non-guaranteed. He can be replaced anytime if the NBA is cancelled and they find someone better. Patty Mills will stay in China as long as the Chinese team want him." ed: edited, bumped to front page

Highlight video I put together from the Bucks game. Enjoyyyy and any comments are surely welcome....


Highlight video I put together from the Bucks game. Enjoyyyy and any comments are surely welcome. I'll do these for games that I enjoy, as of late the Blazers are enjoyable to watch and make good highlight videos. - also noticed something funny, at 1:24 of the video watch Mills on the bench when he gets up to cheer.

Highlights that I put together from the Timberwolves game focusing on LMA & Rudy's big...


Highlights that I put together from the Timberwolves game focusing on LMA & Rudy's big performances. Was just going to be a couple highlights until I went through the game and realized the whole game was a LMA/Rudy love fest and added music to it (which I usually don't do). Also I recommend viewing the video in HD (720p recommend) and if you haven't figured out how to work youtube's quality control in the player... then figure out. I would like to make more videos like this but there hasn't been many games that have had many highlights this year. Comment & Rec if you likey. I'm currently doing all the suns games, knicks, orlando but sucks because there havent been many great games this year. Hopefully this changes. Also uploaded the video of Mills alley-oop to Batum last seconds before half time vs Mavericks. Here is the clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZVUlvJbAuU

Patty Mills gets a Christmas Tree.


Patty Mills gets a Christmas Tree.

Patty Mills takes out his aggression on the Bulls mascot.


Patty Mills takes out his aggression on the Bulls mascot.

FIBA - Wins for Boomers, Les Bleus


Patty Mills and Nic Batum lead their teams to victories! Also, AUS vs. FRA in exhibition today (can't find link, but Patty tweeted about it here: http://twitter.com/Patty_Mills/status/21896195504)

Patty Mills highlights from last nights game


Patty Mills highlights from last nights game

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