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JJ Hickson Retrospective

Throughout the season, I have not exactly made my disdain of J. J. Hickson a secret. I’m surprised myself, as I have made a Bedge career out of defending players like Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake....

Centaur of the Future.


Centaur of the Future.


The Proper Place of Priorities, and Other Partially Preposterous Positions.

Everyone has ideas on how to improve the team. Some are no-brainers, like trading Wesley Matthews and Nolan Smith for an All Star. Who would say no to that? Some aren't popular at all, like letting...


Just What Can the Blazers Do This Offseason? Dwight AND Deron?

I love our Portland Trailblazers. I love the players we have on our team. Each and every one of them. I want them to succeed. And, like every bling homer, I believe that this team has a chance to...


My Story: Dealing with Clinical Depression

  I have shared my origin story before. I was even called up to interview about it on Public Radio just as Portland was heading into the playoffs against the Rockets in 2009. And while the Blazers...


Can the Blazers Get Under the Salary Cap for the 2012 Season?

A question came up in one of the threads, and I spent so much time crafting a response, that I figured I'd be donkey's bottom and make a fanpost out of it. The thought came up that if we were to...


Playing Slow: A Brief Overview of the Blazers' Offensive Scheme

    ow I have heard a lot of people make the observation that Nate McMillan’s offensive system has a lot of standing around. And at a cursory glance, it appears true. The point guard stands with...


A Tribute to Genuis Junk Drawer 12/11

Tom in Hawaii's hatred of Andre Miller is well documented. Some have thought he was silly. Some have thought he was crazy. Some have thought he was a troll. Well, I call him a genius in social...

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