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Lamarcus on Jim Rome today.


Lamarcus on Jim Rome today.

Who needs Love when Aldridge is averaging 25.7 REBS/GAME?!?

"Aldridge is among several players, including Minnesota's Kevin Love and Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers, who are awaiting word whether they will be going to the All-Star Game on Feb. 20. Reserves for both teams, based on a vote by the league's coaches, will be announced on Thursday. Aldridge is averaging 25.7 rebounds and 10.3 point per game since Dec. 15. On Tuesday night against the Spurs he was unstoppable." __________________________________________________ Yup, you heard it right....at least, according to ESPN's recap of the Blazers-Spurs game Aldridge is now averaging 25.7 rebounds and 10.3 points per game since December 15th. What a stud. Now, if only we could get him to get some more points on the board and we'd have ourself a real All-Star!

Who would be complementary to Aldridge's game?

As the trading deadline approaches, there's been plenty of talk about who the Blazers should trade for and what direction the team should take. As far as direction (I'll try to avoid pessimism in...


2009-10 Blazers Injury Report Graphic Chart

Click through to see an incredible graphic chart of the Blazers season of injuries created by Dan Sweet. -- Ben Golliver | benjamin.golliver@gmail.com | Twitter

Lamarcus: The King Cobra?


Joe Freeman just mentioned that the locker room is referring to LMA as "The King Cobra" (in the second installment of FreeMail). What do you guys think? Apt? Can you think of a better nickname?


Updated: Nominations Needed! Most Memorable in 2009

*update: added Funniest Moment to the list* I think to a BEdger we all agree this has been a semarkably memorable season. Starting from Greg injuring his foot in Game 1 to Rudy being hauled out of...

New Kobestoppers Game Diary


What a depressing loss. At least the Kobestoppers are here to find light within the darkness. Click for thoughts on TNT, Oden's happiness, and plenty of burns on the Jazz.


Aldridge to Dallas???

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I stumbled across this and it's a bit disturbing.   http://mavsblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2008/05/mavs-exec-talks-to-portland-star.html   We all know that...

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