Blazers/Rockets Game 6 Voted As NBA's Game of the Year

Update: Game 6 of the Rockets vs. Blazers series was voted the top NBA game of the year! NBA TV will be replaying these games late next week: ----- 1. Trail Blazers 99 – Rockets 98 – 5/2/2014 -- Watch on NBA TV: Fri Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. ET ----- has list of games to be voted as top game of the year. The Blazers/Rockets Game 6 is a candidate and is leading by a large margin.

Shannon Brown


I know we are all filled up, but wouldn't Shannon Brown be a good pick up?

What would Cleveland look like with Kevin Love


Fascinating statistical analysis by Nate Silver.

D-Lill threatened with fine


As per A Woj a group of players including Damian was threatened with fines for touring in the Philippines.

Rip City Jerseys Will Now Have Sleeves


Well, it was nice not having an awful sleeved jersey while it lasted.

A look back at 2014's best NBA rim protectors


An article with some nice charts showing how effective bigs were at protecting the rim last year.

Damian Lillard Calls Out Callous Tweet That Mocked Special Olympics Athlete


My response to some comments on this article. To all, watch ur mouth.....I was just going to let this slide, but nope. (Full disclosure, I am a parent of two of the children that benefitted from Damian taking them to Toys-R-Us. Once again Damian, thanks, you are a good young man and it is a pleasure to watch you take a leadership role with my favorite team and touch lives in a community that you did not grow up in.) The problem I have with what people are saying is they are attacking someone who is doing his best with what he has. This story is not about overpaid athletes. Athletes and athletics are an interesting diversion of time that many people enjoy when they themselves are not working. Don't like it? Stop clicking articles about it or them. Since you did click the article, maybe an encouraging word would be more appropriate.

Love Traded to Cleveland?


Post claims Cleveland and Minnesota have agreed for a trade for Love. I can't find any corroboration so may just be a rumor.

Blazers passed on Greg Monroe to land Chris Kaman


Sources said the Pistons also seriously discussed various sign-and-trade scenarios this month that would have landed restricted free agent Greg Monroe in Portland, but the Blazers ultimately pulled themselves out of the race for Monroe by signing free-agent big man Chris Kaman to join Robin Lopez in the Blazers’ center rotation.

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