Babbitt heating up

Babbs has found his stroke and is finding some minutes lately for Nizhny. He scored 21 in 24 minutes in the game above. Check the video for some nice LB highlights including a nasty two-hand stuff at 1:55, and some classic Babbitt lowlights on D. Come for the Chalupacabra, stay for the slo-mo jumpshot footage.

Sorry, but I can't stop watching the Reno Kid. Wish he were still around at the end of our bench.

Tim Legler says the Portland Trail Blazers are legitimate NBA title contenders.

About time we got some serious recognition

Dr. J on the ’77 finals against the Blazers

Julius "Dr. J" Erving B.S. Report Full Podcast (via Grantland)

Bill Simmons on the History and the Resurgence of the Blazers

Grantland and ESPN's Bill Simmons makes public his love for the Blazers by narrating a four minute video on how and why this team is so special to Portlanders.

Lillard Makes Major Announcement

In case you missed it, Lillard made the announcment below the to the NBA earlier this week:

Robin Lopez VS Pistons Mascot

Robin Lopez wrestling Detroit Pistons Mascot.

FTW: Are the Blazers for real?

There is some funny stuff in this filipino review of our beloved Blazers. Most of it is in the english... I think the rest of the time they are laughing about their poor english.

Behind the scenes with CJ McCollum

A video from the official Trail Blazers youtube channel with Tone asking and following around McCollum on being a rookie in the NBA and being a part of the Blazers.

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose smokin' something before First Birdmester video

This goes from confusion to downright hilarity. I mean, I know we haven't really proven anything yet, and we have to stay humble, but David West just out-dueled LaMarcus Aldridge? Who wouldn't take 12 and 8 over 28 and 10, right? The Blazers are 16-3 (15-3 when they shot it I'm guessing) and they shot in on Wednesday just after they just beat the then 16-1 Pacers, and they aren't even in the top 4? Come on man.

Why the Portland Trailblazers Beat The Pacers (And Everyone Else in 2013)

Video analysis from Bballbreakdown of the Blazers so far this season, which includes a lot of statistics

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