Damian Lillard Mixtape (2013/14) - Shook Ones

My latest NBA mixtape focuses on Damian Lillard and his uncanny ability to shake the pressure off in big moments.

Patty Mills Goes Off in the Clutch Vs Wizards.

Patty Mills came up big in a 2OT win. 23 pts

Stampede's Pierre Jackson breaks D-League scoring record with 58 points

Pierre Jackson scored 58 points in the Idaho Stampede's 136-122 victory over the Texas Legends. He went 24 from 33 from the field, with 6 rebounds and 8 assists. Unfortunately, although he plays for the Stampede affiliated with the Blazers, his NBA draft rights belong to the Pelicans.

knicks fans feeling about the same as we did about felton

this youtuber has posted three videos titled "Ray Felton is the NBA's worst starting PG" parts 1,2, and 3, with detailed analysis of his mistakes in several games...

mo williams is.... Fog Raw

Don't. Know if this has been posted. Pretty sweet 90s vid with durrant, iggy, rashad Lewis, and mo. Note mo's 6 fingers

Robin Lopez visits Powell's Books

Rolo takes us to one of his favorite hangouts: "When I first heard I was coming to Portland, I was excited. The town kinda fits me like a glove. I'm eccentric, it's eccentric . . . and this is one of my favorite places to be a little eccentric."

Aldridge in NBA Inside Stuff

Should try eating my waffles like Nic.

Video: CJ McCollum Makes His Debut

I've got the Tiger Woods peak here...

Bill and Jalen's 2nd Birdmester Report, both believe the Blazers are title contenders

Basically both Bill and Jalen Rose are doing power rankings of teams this season so far and this video is the top half of the teams. Blazers are put in "the contenders" category with the Thunder, Spurs and Pacers.

Babbitt heating up

Babbs has found his stroke and is finding some minutes lately for Nizhny. He scored 21 in 24 minutes in the game above. Check the video for some nice LB highlights including a nasty two-hand stuff at 1:55, and some classic Babbitt lowlights on D. Come for the Chalupacabra, stay for the slo-mo jumpshot footage.

Sorry, but I can't stop watching the Reno Kid. Wish he were still around at the end of our bench.

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