Damian Lillard Insults Ringless Players in New Adidas/Foot Locker Commercial

Barry Sanders, LaDanian Tomlinson, Chris Webber and Karl Malone are not impressed. I, however, found it hilarious.

HT: NBA All Ball Blog

Portland-Rockets Playoffs Redux (2009)

Oof. Roy was so good. Five years ago, Houston stole our homecourt and advanced to face the #1 seed. Let's hear it for the concept of symmetry?

Blazers trying to name the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

RoLo, of course, only needs a two second appearance to name all four.

Jarrett Jack's similarity to McCollum

Jarrett Jack had a brilliant game against the Knicks tonight. Watch him score the way he does and tell me you can't picture CJ doing the same things in the future.

Sergio (Rodriguez) & Sergio (Llull)

Sergio (Rodriguez) & Sergio (Llull)

BBallBreakdown: Lillard Tops List of Best Scorers in NBA (Not Named Durant or LeBron)

Awesome breakdown of how Lillard is already a man among boys in the NBA. LA also makes an appearance. If articles are more your thing:


Could Granger be an offseason target? His age and injury history should keep his cost down and Philly is certainly not expecting to keep him after the season (heck I wonder if they will talk about a buy-out). He is older, but he fits Stott's system to a 'T'. Good off the bench guy?

Lil Wayne Shouts out Trailblazers on ESPN First Take

Steven A Smith and Lil Wayne have a conversation about the "collision course" between Miami and OKC. When the question of who could possibly challenge OKC out West, instead of saying San Antonio or LAC, Wayne not only shouts out the Portland Trail Blazers, but Lamarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard specifically. Starting at 2:30 they talk for a bit on the subject, and Steven A goes CRAZY over Wayne saying the Trail Blazers. No one can believe him. He even says Lillard and Aldridge over CP3 and Griffin. Wow. Shouts to Lil Wayne! I appreciate him not backing down and actually explaining his point. He knows what's up.

Damian Lillard Mixtape (2013/14) - Shook Ones

My latest NBA mixtape focuses on Damian Lillard and his uncanny ability to shake the pressure off in big moments.


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