Mo Williams won't get 3Y in Portland.


Based on conversations I've had with multiple sources, I'm getting mixed signals about his return. Williams said during exit interviews he was looking to land a three-year contract. If he can net that on the free agent market, he's gone. I've read multiple reports suggesting that Dallas is his preferred destination, but a source with knowledge of his thinking told me his camp remains engaged "in conversations with a lot of teams." The Blazers can offer Williams as much as $3.15 million because he's a "non-Bird Rights Free Agent." But they have no intentions of giving him three years. If it becomes clear Williams will have to settle for a one-or two-year deal, the Blazers would still be contenders.


Omer Asik Traded to Pelicans


Houston is finalizing a deal to send Omer Asik to New Orleans, league source tells Yahoo Sports.— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) June 26, 2014

From the almighty Woj. Rockets clearing cap space to pursue Melo/LBJ.

Pelton: I'd trade LMA for #1 pick


Pelton: I'd trade LMA for #1 pick

Mark (Portland) [via mobile] Would you trade Aldridge for the #1 pick? To me, it seems like 4 years of low contract plus 4-5 more years after that is better, but most Blazers fans seem to prefer Aldridge.

Kevin Pelton (3:57 PM) I would. To me the big advantage is the low cap number for the No. 1 pick in the summer of 2015, which would give the Blazers the opportunity to re-sign their starters and potentially add someone else. And there's the chance Aldridge walks then, in which case it would be great to get a valuable asset for him. But I can sympathize with fans who don't want to break up a quality team for a player who might never be as good as Aldridge.

Craig Sager talks chemo treatment, specifically mentions Lillard and wanting to interview him


I'd also like to interview Damian Lillard—that shot he made in Game 6 against the Houston Rockets, oh my God. I met him for the first time at the 2012 draft, and you just got that feeling that this kid has got something special. He's been so well grounded and so ready for his first playoff experience, and it would be great to talk to him about that.

Spurs fighting seriously dirty


"There's a snake in my locker, dog" - T-Rob

I think I just came up with the best nickname for TRob.


OpThomas Prime! Because he's a truck/semi.

Me, unable to wait for game 1 vs. Spurs.

Lowe: Don't Underestimate Wesley


Don't Underestimate Wesley I’m not sure any player has shuttled between "overpaid" and "underpaid" more often in popular conception since the Blazers swiped Wesley Matthews from Utah via the full midlevel exception. But here he is, humiliating a listless James Harden in the post, raining triples, and hounding Harden on the other end. Matthews can slide to bulkier small forwards if need be, helping to unlock Nic Batum’s flexibility on defense. Daryl Morey wishes he had a wing like this.

Masai's Moment


Can confirm Masai Ujiri has spoken with both Adam Silver and Rod Thorn and will not be fined or disciplined re Saturday's pep rally comment

— Mike Ganter (@Mike_Ganter) April 21, 2014 Twitter

No Talk of Contract Extension for Terry Stotts


"No one with the Blazers is complaining about the job Terry Stotts is doing, but team sources say his standing in the locker room would be helped if he made more of a concerted effort to strengthen his relationship with LaMarcus Aldridge, his All-Star forward. Stotts is working on the final season of his contract and there has been no talk of an extension."

Scotty brroks says he will vote for Damian lillard


Kerry Eggers: Scotty Brooks says he will vote for @Damian Lillard for All-Star Game: "He's playing as well as any point guard in the league" Twitter @kerryeggers
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