Finally Got Some Help!

  1. Charlotte knocks off the Thunder - now 3 back of them in the loss column
  2. Spurs go down in Orlando by 26 - just 2 back of them, and we own the tiebreaker

Are the Blazers being sneaky?

  1. Get Camby for the stretch drive?
  2. Get Oden back and in shape toward the end of the year?
  3. Have both Oden and Camby ready at playoff time?
  4. Surprise!
  5. Win a series or two?

the Captain is Confident!

  1. Roy, questionable? No problem. LA's toes tired? Dont worry about it. No big guys no Worries. although in the past i have dreaded our 3 pt game and still prefer watching ODEN, but i am Very confident that we can now slide right back into our comfortable, old routine, perimeter game and bomb the crap out of our opponents. i think our 3 pt game should be enough to get us at least into the 1st round of the playoffs and the good thing is no team is exempt on anygiven nite. with martell, rudy and steve all back and healthy i predict ... SAUSAGE MCMUFFINS!

2 teams that have cap space as of today (10/27/09) and 3 that could

  1. Portland Trailblazers - $1,425,171 in cap space
  2. Memphis Grizzlies - $886,517 in cap space
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder - $9,291,899 in cap space if they renounce their exceptions
  4. Sacramento Kings - $4,211,952 in cap space if they renounce their exceptions
  5. New Jersey Nets - $26,665 in cap space if they renounce their exceptions

Help Me Pick my League Pass Choice Teams

  1. Need 7 teams total, I can only watch games involving at least one of these teams
  2. Blazers get spot #1 obviously
  3. In order to maximize my coverage, picking all the top teams in the league is counterproductive, given that they are on national TV a lot
  4. looking for ENTERTAINING teams to watch, not necessarily the best teams record-wise
  5. OKC is probably a lock for a spot, with 2 of the big 3 in the East probably in as well. This gives me 3 more spots. Any suggestions?

Some Early Short thoughts on Game 1

  1. Houston has been pushing the tempo, and we've been giving up lots of fast breaks. Interesting to see how that works out
  2. Houston will start the 6'6" Chuck Hayes at center. Hayes is no pushover, but giving up 6 inches, Oden better get a LOT of chances down low
  3. Related to the above, if Nate decides to go small ball for large chunks of the game instead of exploiting his own matchup advantage, so help me...
  4. Will we look any better than last year at mitigating the damage of quick penetrating point guards?

Notable over-unders for season win totals

  1. Portland 52.5
  2. LAL 61.5
  3. Cleveland 60.5
  4. San Antonio 54.5
  5. Denver 52.5

Fan Fest Score?

  1. I missed it :( had tickets too anyway what was the score
  2. What were the teams?

lets trade some tickets

  1. i got my priority of opening nite but wish i had put down more money for other nites. my 2-3-4 fav's were lakers cleveland and xmas. ill trade 4-10 tans for tans on either of those other nites.
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