Barnes calls Lillard and tells him to dominate USA camp with his defense


Apparently, Matt Barnes of the Clippers called Lillard and gave him some advice on defense and it showed during the USA training camp. I like where this is heading if Lillard takes the necessary steps to become a good defender, maybe even a defensive stopper at some point.

Chandler Parsons: "It still hurts"


Old friend of Blazer's Edge Casey Holdahl posted a nice write-up of Chandler Parsons and Damian Lillard discussing the events of The Shot. Parsons: "I’m going to live with that shot the rest of my life."

Lillard is #1 in All-Testicle Team (and also better than Kyrie)


Pretty funny, true though. Time to stop ignoring Lillard. They mention being guarded by "Harden and Parsens". Perhaps they didn't see Beverly hounding (fouling) him for 36 minutes a night in the playoffs? All the while, Dame kept on and crushed on.

Mo Williams to end up a T-wolve?


Could have played for some contenders, but now he's playing for a soon to be Love-less Wolves team. smh.....

Free agent guard Mo Williams is nearing an agreement with Minnesota, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) July 28, 2014

Will Barton is a dad now!


willthethrillb5 1 day ago No matter what son imma always be be there for you. No excuses. I promise. Wyatt Darrell Barton ya father got you I love you....

Will Barton extended with QO


Portland will be able to extend Barton a qualifying offer of $1.1 million at the conclusion of next season that will make him a restricted free agent. The Trail Blazers will be capable of retaining him by matching any offers competitors throw his way.

Blazers/Rockets Game 6 Voted As NBA's Game of the Year

Update: Game 6 of the Rockets vs. Blazers series was voted the top NBA game of the year! NBA TV will be replaying these games late next week: ----- 1. Trail Blazers 99 – Rockets 98 – 5/2/2014 -- Watch on NBA TV: Fri Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. ET ----- has list of games to be voted as top game of the year. The Blazers/Rockets Game 6 is a candidate and is leading by a large margin.

Shannon Brown


I know we are all filled up, but wouldn't Shannon Brown be a good pick up?

What would Cleveland look like with Kevin Love


Fascinating statistical analysis by Nate Silver.

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