Greatest Drexler Photo Ever?


Thank you Reddit. From what I can tell, this photo was taken in the Kingdom.

New name for Damian Lillard


How about this nickname for Damian Lillard: "D-Chill" cause he's stone cold cool under pressure.

Street Roots features Trail Blazers


The current issue of Street Roots has a brief feature on the Blazers and their thoughts on Homelessness. What is weird is as I was watching the game last night, my wife (not a basketball fan) recognized Terrence Jones during the game which reminded me about the current edition of Street Roots.

HELP! I want to see the video of the scuffle last night from the Warriors announcers perspective. I cannot find it anywhere!


I keep hearing about how biased the Warriors commentators were and I just want to hear it for myself. I have looked everywhere I can only find videos of it with Mike and Mike. If someone could link it to me that would be awesome!

Championship Trophy Photos


The Blazers' Facebook page recently featured photos of fans posing with the '77 Championship trophy at the home opener. I was perusing the photos and was shocked to see this gem:

SBN Comment Notifier


I was combing through my comment history to see if anyone had commented one of my comments. I'm not ashamed, but I do wonder if there isn't a more efficient way to engage in dialogue. Introducing, the e-mail notifier! I don't know if BEdgers would use such a thing, or if it would be deemed annoying. I can imagine that the more prolific commenters would hate such a thing, but I haven't even reached 1,000 comments in 2 seasons or so. (I ditched my old account out of respect -- "Roy vs. Matthews... Fight!" when Roy retired. Plus, I figured the battle's victor had been determined.) So, what do you say? Would people be interested in such a thing? I could have simply suggested it to SBN, but I wanted to see if people were interested or annoyed before I did.

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