If Mo leaves? I know we have no cap space, but somehow?


Mo Williams won't get 3Y in Portland.


Based on conversations I've had with multiple sources, I'm getting mixed signals about his return. Williams said during exit interviews he was looking to land a three-year contract. If he can net that on the free agent market, he's gone. I've read multiple reports suggesting that Dallas is his preferred destination, but a source with knowledge of his thinking told me his camp remains engaged "in conversations with a lot of teams." The Blazers can offer Williams as much as $3.15 million because he's a "non-Bird Rights Free Agent." But they have no intentions of giving him three years. If it becomes clear Williams will have to settle for a one-or two-year deal, the Blazers would still be contenders.


Lillard does impromptu Q & A on Twitter


Some pretty entertaining stuff, including his favorite restaurant being benihanas, favorite hobby is roller skating, and D Wright is funniest on the team.

Brooklyns Insane Financial Loss


According to Zach Lowe of Grantland, the Nets lost $144 million in 2013-14 -- $131 million more than the next team, the Washington Wizards. So, just how did the Nets lose 11 times as much money as the next team? The majority of that $144 million comes from the team's luxury tax payments for its extravagant payroll. The additions of Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and Paul Pierce bumped the Nets' payroll to more than $100 million. That was the highest ever by an NBA team and it triggered a $90 million luxury tax. The previous high for an NBA team's luxury tax was the $51.97 million paid by Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen in 2002-03.

ESPN player movement tracker


Only one team with no players lost or added via draft, trade or free agency. Any guesses? Talk about staying patient, choosing your moment -- I like it, but can't wait to see some names up there.

Monroe wants Josh Smith gone


More interesting news about Monroe.

The Parade


I figured that I didn't have to answer 'what' parade. This is a 4 and a half minute digitized 16mm home video of the '77 Championship parade. This video should give you a flavor of the complete spontaneous nature of the parade. You won't see everything in this fairly short clip but it will make your day.

Will Barton: I Can Play PG


Casey Holdahl with a great story on Will the Thrill.

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