Two faced Batum


Batum has a lopsided face. One half I recognize, the other is a completely different person!


Why didn't the Blazers draft Dieng? 20 pts and 20 rebs vs the Rockets!

NBA Confidential Ref Memos Now Available to Public

IMO, Adam Silver gets points for his moves to demystify NBA officiating: "A trove of confidential, internal memos on NBA officiating became public Monday afternoon, revealing new insight into the league's enforcement of rules this season. No privacy laws were breached in the process. The memos were released by the NBA itself, as part of Commissioner Adam Silver's push for greater transparency. Fans will be able to review the documents at"

Preseason Predictions

With a lot of talk about whether the Blazers have underperformed based on their start or exceeded preseason predictions I went back to see what some of the pundits predicted. I found this by Zach Lowe and is just a fun read to see what he thought would happen. BTW, Andre Biedrins has made 1 free throw this season, but there is still time

Bevereley coming back this season

Looks like Patrick Bevereley is planning on coming back this season but unclear if in time for the playoffs. Looking more and more, especially with injuries to Bogut, Lee and our schedule a matchup with Houston is a comin

Debunking "Refkets"

A Fanpost from TheDreamShake about the image of the Rockets as floppers.

Our Cover Guy

Already I love their creative director.

Dwight Howard Will Sit Out vs Clips Tonight

The dude has a sprained ankle. Nothing serious, but he won't play tonight against the Clippers. Maybe one more twist of fate that helps the Blazers? Home court in the first round against the Rockets would be sweet.

30 second Blazer Ringtone

Had some free time tonight and decided to make a ringtone for my new phone. If you would like to use, feel free to download the .mp3 from this link (you should just be able to right-click and hit save-as).

How to add your own ringtone iPhone:


Windows Phone 8:

Audio based off of this year's opening video here:

Graph of Average Distance of FGA/ FGA per game


for every player with minimum 100 FGA. Something cool to look at. Found it on RealGM. View whole image for better view.

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