CJ gives advice to rookies


With all the free agency mayhem I missed this article. My apologies if this has already been posted. Great read. I wish the kid the best!

I want that too, LMA.


Very nice to read. I think he can do it too.



Hi guys, I'm not a Blazer fan, but I love the dedicated and passionate fans you guys have for the Blazers. I also believe you guys have a really good squad that can contend for a championship. I made this digital art for you guys. Hope you guys like it. Thanks.

This is the type of trade the Blazers should explore!


3 way trade with Houston, 76ers, and Portland. This trade worked in the ESPN trade machine yesterday but today the tool isn't showing contract years or dollar amounts. Portland gets: Jeremy Lin and Terrence Jones. 76ers get: Freeland, D. Wright, and T-Rob. They also get a future 1st round draft pick from Houston and a future 1st round pick from Portland. Houston: Does not get anything back in the trade except clearing about 10 million dollars to be able to sign Chris Bosh to a max contract. Why Portland does this: Freeland and wright would be gone after next season anyway with very little chance of re-signing them. Jeremy Lin only has one year left and we could probably sign him to a Mid Level Exception if things worked out or we could let him walk. He would also be a very valuable expiring contract around the All-Star break next season. Terrence Jones is an upgrade at backup PF and brings scoring to our bench. His defense is still developing but he is very athletic. Jones has 2 years left on his contract with a very low dollar amount so it would hamper us from re-signing Aldridge and he would grow with our young core. Why 76ers do it: There have already been rumors of Jeremy Lin going to the 76ers along with a draft pick for nothing to create space to sign bosh. 76ers are in asset acquiring mode, why wouldn't they want two 1st rounders. If we sent them wright, T-rob, and Freeland that is the same salary as Lin and they all expire at the same time. We could sign Earl Watson for little to nothing and use our Bi-annual exception on a Small Forward. Why Houston does it: They desperately want Bosh. Jones will get hardly any playing time behind Bosh. They will also be at the salary cap so a first rounder next year might not make sense. We could sweeten the pot by sending them a future 2nd rounder if needed. What do you guys think?

Lillard In the Finals for ESPY's BEST PLAY


Let's all vote and try to get Lillard this win!

Portland's own Mike James for final roster spot?


Can't say I'm excited about retread options like blake or hinrich. Why not go for young with upside?

Downtown Breakdown from Yahoo Sports


Interesting charts on NBA teams with most efficient on offensive. See where your Blazers are. Includes breakdown of PNR, fastbreak, iso, etc.

If Mo leaves? I know we have no cap space, but somehow?


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