Karl had an interesting comment about what he's heard. "You know over the weekend, that was the whispers that I got. I got a couple of phone calls, one from San Antonio that said that Tim Duncan's thinking this is going to be his last year. The best, most fundamental big guy ever to play in the NBA, and he leaving would make me very very sad. The San Antonio Spurs without Tim Duncan would be very difficult for me to watch."

Damian Lillard Dunk Animation


via Deadspin and the fantastic Patrick Truby (Twitter: @PatrickTruby)

Portland Pimp sues Nike for 100 mill


I understand why he swoosh stomped the John but not his stablemate. Thats crazy. Heavy handed pimp deserves some time though 100 years is ridiculous in comparison to what other folks get. It would be kinda funny to see a warning label on sneaks.

Blazers Ticket Prices Increase


"Your current seat location will see a price increase for the 2014-15 season. Rest assured, we don’t take price increases lightly and understand the impact they may have on you. Hopefully you will agree that we have found the right balance between the need to raise ticket prices while also providing our Season Ticket Holders with the best price. With nearly 30 different price options beginning as low as $10 per seat/per game, we are confident you will find a price that meets your budget. It’s important that you fully understand your options, and can choose what’s best for you and how you want to experience Trail Blazers Basketball in 2014-15. If you have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us."

Haberstroh's Blazer trade that he would like to see happen


Portland Trail Blazers receive: Omer Asik, Omri Casspi and Donatas Motiejunas Houston Rockets receive: Wesley Matthews and Meyers Leonard Why I want to see it: This helps both Western Conference powerhouses address their weaknesses without sacrificing too much of their strengths. Word is the Blazers aren't bullish on Asik and they'd hate to mess with the on-court chemistry of their starting lineup, but they're kidding themselves if they think they can challenge for the West title without an upgrade on the defensive end. They rank 23rd on defense this season and 26th since the New Year. When healthy, Asik is one of the top five rim protectors in the NBA, and he'd beef up a frontcourt that just lost Joel Freeland for at least a month with an MCL sprain. They need help. The Blazers would hate to lose Matthews, but this is a golden buy-low, sell-high opportunity for an unbalanced squad. Though Matthews has been instrumental to their relentless offense, such a deal wouldn't remove the franchise pillars of Damian Lillard, Nic Batum and LaMarcus Aldridge. Rookie C.J. McCollum has recently looked fantastic after missing the beginning of the season due to a foot injury and would help fill the void along with Dorell Wright. Plus, no owner is better equipped to take on the $15 million that Asik is owed next season than billionaire Paul Allen. The Rockets would net the sweet-shooting Matthews, who is also a physical perimeter defender -- an area that has been Houston's Achilles' heel this season. He's had somewhat of a down year defensively (Synergy rates him as well below average thus far), but he's typically been better on that end of the floor. As a veteran 3-point marksman with defensive chops, he'd fit in nicely for the Rockets' big push.

Luke Babbitt doing well for the Pelicans


Small sample size, but it's good to see him finding a home in the NBA again.

ESPN Insider: Late Blooming All Star Predictions


Look Who's at the top! 1. Wesley Matthews, Portland Trail Blazers 2013-14 WARP rank: 34 The only thing that keeps Matthews from leaping into the league's top 20 players is his below-average volume, as he sports a career usage rate of 19.1 percent. With the Portland offense understandably focused on Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge, that's not going to change. However, Matthews deserves credit for being an efficient supporting player, one who could post eye-popping averages should he ever be asked to carry a larger load.

Twitter / JakeLFischer: Joel Freeland's injury certainly ...


"Joel Freeland's injury certainly opens up another potential landing spot for Spencer Hawes. Portland called the Sixers back in December." Not any real news, I just didnt know we had actually contacted the Sixers regarding Hawes. Interesting tidbit for everyone who thinks Hawes would be great for us.

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