2014 NBA Free Agent Analysis Power Forwards


Here is a look at the best free agent power forwards available in 2014. Can you see any of these guys in Blazer uniform?

Dorell Wrights vows to get better next year


Man I love everyone on this team. Oustide of Watson and Claver (seems like he wants to leave) I would hate to lose anyone



Fun from the NBA (totally realistic) Trade Machine

SI: Adam Silver is His Own Man


Great profile of the new NBA commissioner, with one of the best ledes I've read in a while: "Masawani Jere, a chief of the Ngoni tribe, presides over a village of 120 in Malawi, a small, landlocked nation in southeastern Africa. The village, called Emchakachakeni, sits on a hill at the edge of a forest. Most Malawians live in rural areas and work in agriculture. Many of the 6,000 Ngoni, descended from the Zulus of South Africa, are timber merchants. Those in Emchakachakeni own no televisions or computers. But their chief must maintain some connection with the modern world, so he has a BlackBerry, on which he created a Facebook account. When Jere logged in on the last day of April he was struck by a story that all his cyberfriends were discussing about the bold new NBA commissioner, who had permanently banished the league's longest-tenured owner for making racist remarks on a leaked audiotape. "Oh, yes," the chief thought as he scrolled through the commissioner's forceful words. "This sounds just like Adam."

Major Shakeup in Memphis Front Office


Apparently the owner didn't get along with the CEO and Assistant GM. Joerger and Hollinger may be the next ones to go. There's also a shadowy lawyer figure involved in this intriguing Vulcan-esque melodrama.

2014 NBA Free Agent Analysis - Centers


Even though the NBA is "technically" still going (I refuse to acknowledge it's existence after my team bowed out - not that I don't continue to watch), here is a look at the best free agent centers available for those teams to ensure their next season ends in finals glory! Note: None of these players will change that...maybe when we get to the small forwards...

NBA Will Have a Centralized Replay Center Next Season



Report: Phil Jackson told Raymond Felton he will be traded


Have always liked/respected Phil Jackson...just further proof the guy is a genius. Yes..I KNOW..not a current Blazer....

Hilarious nba cartoon spoof


Must watch, though unfortunately the blazers aren't in it.....

Blazers improving from within


Havent been a fan of Jason Quick over the years, but this is a good article by him addressing the Blazers bench players and summarizing how they all want to improve to make this team better.

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