Blazers chats.

Live Chat Open Now


This thread is now open for live chat about the Blazers, the NBA, or life in general. We've done this a fair amount in the past but I haven't had time this season for obvious reasons. Tonight...

Live Chat with Dave 4/2/11--Open Now


It's been a while since we've done a Live Chat.  If anybody is around on a Saturday night, have at it!  I'll be around for a while to talk Blazers, blogging, or anything else about life in general....

Blazer Chatter: Does Sloan's Departure Make a Difference to Portland?


INFO ON BLAZERSEDGE NIGHT.  Click through to see how you can help send 500 needy kids to the April 1st game versus the Thunder! With yesterday's news about Jerry Sloan's abrupt departure from the...

Blazer Chatter: Biggest Moment of the Year?


Here's your Blazer Chatter thread for all Blazer topics not covered elsewhere on the site.  While the specifics of last night's victory over San Antonio are discussed below, I have a more general...

Sunday Chatter: Where is This Team Headed?


For all of the minutiae discussed about the Portland Trail Blazers on a daily basis here and around the blogosphere, there's one topic that most are dancing around.  You can find plenty of...

Blazer Chatter Thread: One Guy Who's Gotta Stay


Here's your mostly-daily Blazer Chatter thread in which to talk about all things Blazers that aren't covered elsewhere on the site.  In the one-stop-shopping post we always have a daily special...

Blazer Chatter Thread: Most Inspirational Player


This is your chat thread for all things Blazers-related not covered elsewhere on the site.  Though any on-topic subject goes, we always start with a seed for conversation.  Today's topic:  Since we...

Blazers Chatter: Coach McMillan Staying?


This is your daily-ish Blazer Chatter thread for all Blazer-related topics not covered elsewhere on the site.  You can talk about anything you want but we always start you with a seed topic.  Today...

Blazer Chatter: Joel Przybilla's Future


Here's your weekend-long thread for all Blazer conversations not covered in another post.  You can discuss any Blazer-related subjects you wish here but we always start with a seed question....

Blazer Chatter Thread: Andre Miller Available?


Here's your chat thread for all things Blazers-related not covered elsewhere on the page.  You can talk about any Blazer topic you wish, but we always start with a seed topic.   Today's Topic:  If...


Blazer Chatter Thread: For the Record


Here's your daily depository for all Blazers talk not covered in another post.  The seed topic today:  Since we're nearly halfway through the season, give us your prediction for the Blazers' final...

Blazer Chatter: Should There Be a Trade Edition


Welcome to your thread for all topics Blazers-related that aren't covered elsewhere on the page.  You can discuss any topic you'd like but we always start with a seed discussion.   With all the...

Blazer Chatter Thread: Hey Now, You're an All-Star Edition


Here's your daily chat thread for all things Blazers-oriented not covered in another post.  Today's seed topic is on everybody's mind lately:  Will LaMarcus Aldridge be an All-Star this year?  Why...

Big Old Miami-Based Chat Thread


Here's your open thread for the weekend, covering all things Blazers not addressed in a separate post.  The seed topic for the weekend is easy:  Miami.  Personally I believe any random Lakers game...

Blazers Chatter Friday Edition: Patty Mills


Here's your thread for discussing everything Blazers that doesn't fall under another post covered at the site.  While you can discuss anything Blazers-related here, we usually start with a seed...

Blazer Chatter January 6th, 2011: Dante Cunningham Edition


This is your catch-all thread for any random Blazer discussion that doesn't fit under the other posts at the site today.  Any Blazer-oriented topic is OK.  If you have a one or two sentence take or...

Game 36 Non-Preview Discussion Thread!


The Blazers just played the Rockets a couple days ago, so no need for a preview really.   Here's the recent one which pretty much encapsulates what you need to know.  The Dream Shake would be the...

Blazer Chatter Thread: January 4th, 2011


Normally we don't do chatter threads on game days but I wanted to experiment to see how this goes.  Besides, with Dirk Nowitzki on the menu tonight I had an interesting thought for a question. (U...

Blazer Chatter: Nicolas Batum and More


Here's your off-day open thread for Blazer-oriented discussion of both intentional and random types.  Anything Blazer-related not covered on the rest of the page goes right here.  To kick things...

New Year's Day Chat


I'm on the clock this morning. Let's chat about the Blazers. Leave any questions that you might have in the comments and I'll answer to the best of my ability. -- Ben |

Blazer Chatter 12/31/10


Good morning, all, and happy almost-new year!  This is your thread for discussing all random Blazers-oriented things that aren't already covered in a thread on the site.   (For completely off-topic...

Blazer Chatter: Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


Almost the new year!  Hard to believe we'll have to get used to saying "2011" soon.  (For what it's worth, in the Chinese calendar this is known as "The Year of the Lockout".)  But we still have a...

Blazer Chatter Thread


Here's your daily installment of an open Blazers thread for non-game days.  Note if you want to talk about  acquiring Gerald Wallace and D.J. Augustin for Miller and Camby or J.J. Redick for Joel...

New Front Page Feature: Blazer Chat


Today we're introducing a new front-page feature to be carried on non-game days.  It's called Blazer Chat because that's what the comment section of this post is for.  It's a catch-all thread where...

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