Chris Kaman Comparisons

Most people's reaction to the Kaman signing seemed to be negative. He wasn't on my list, but not because I didn't like him. I really hadn't even thought about him and there weren't any rumors connecting him to Portland. A quick look at his stats made me okay with the signing, but I wanted to do a more in depth comparison with our other targets or potentially feasible targets. So here it is.

Disclaimer: These are not necessarily the end-all-be-all Basketball metrics but they're what's readily available. They're the same metrics I used to evaluate the Robin Lopez signing and convinced me that it was the right move.

Per-36 actually makes Kaman look quite attractive compared to other potential acquisitions. His rebounding and scoring is the best out of the group, and in many cases by no small margin. His age is really his biggest drawback, but since he'll be a backup that's not really of great concern to me. (Click on the images for larger, readable versions)


Advanced stats are probably Kaman's worst showing, but that's not really as bad as it sounds. He has the highest Player Efficiency Rating and best rebounding stats among the group. He does make a rather poor showing in win shares, both offensive and defensive, for what that's worth.


Kaman makes another strong showing in On-Off stats. Only Frye has a greater net positive impact on overall offensive rating, and no one in the group makes more of a difference on the boards. Kaman's impact on opponent offensive rating also seems to indicate that he may not be the defensive liability some make him out to be.


Synergy defensive stats... what can I say? They're not great, but they're something. Sample size is definitely a problem as some player's stats were based on hundreds of plays while others were based on dozens. I only compared play types for which all players had a sufficient number of plays to generate a ranking. So, for what it's worth, Kaman makes an excellent showing here. He has the best overall defensive ranking (34 places above the next best player), and basically dominates the individual categories. This leads me to question the claim that Kaman is a defensive liability, but again, these stats are somewhat suspect. Take them with a grain of salt.


Overall, I'm pleased with the signing. I think we did well for the money we spent, and seriously doubt that we would have landed Hawes or McRoberts for the MLE. Considering that we're talking about a backup, it's questionable as to whether either of those players, or anyone else on the list that we'd have to sign and trade for, would be worth the opportunity cost of Kaman plus the assets we'd have to send out.

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