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I really like our team going forward; I am so happy with the Internal growth that the Blazers have shown this last year, especially Freeland, Barton, and Robinson; I fully expect next year to see the same type of improvement out of : McCollum, Crabbe, and; yes even Meyers Leonard. I really love what Mo Williams brings to the table and gives us stability and leadership off the bench , which is soo undervalued.

At this point, we don't need to be picking up any more projects, but more established players to assist us in developing the young guys we already have; so here are a few Ideas I have that might improve the team this summer that are not too unrealistic; tell me what you think

A. Re sign Mo Williams for 120% of his current salary for three years with the third year fully non-guaranteed.

B. Sign Paul Pierce to the Full Mid Level Exception for as many years as our GM and he can Iron out.

C. Use our smaller exception for the guy that is still around who did not score the contract he was looking for; like Mo Williams last year.

First Possible trade:

Denver gets: Claver ,Freeland, and Wright

Blazers get: McGee

Why the Blazers do it? : You get a guy off the bench who can rebound, block shots, and get junk points

Why do the Nuggets do it?: After McGees Injury the Nuggets have moved on with Mozgov as the player they would rather keep as he is half the price of McGee with a contract for a year longer ; as well , with the players they are taking in are all on the last year of their deals , the Nuggets get out of the 23 Million owed to McGee over the next two years compared to the total of just over 10.5 million

Pacers get: Wright , Freeland, Claver , and McCollum

Blazers get: Roy Hibbert

Why the Blazers do it: We get either an upgrade at center or the best backup in the league for CJ basically

Why the Pacers do it: They are moving in the direction of re-signing Stephenson who is going to demand some serious cheese, and getting out of the 30+ Mil owed to Hibbert over the next two years for just over a total of 16 mil coming back with an immediate cap savings of over 5 Mil in the first year and 10+ next year, this deal allows Indiana to resign Stephenson while making a scapegoat out of Hibbert while sending him to the Western conference.

Nets get: Wright, Freeland, Claver and Leonard

Blazers get :Garnett

Why Blazers do it?: While I hate to just "give away" Meyers Leonard,by adding Garnett we automatically transform our bench into the leagues best

Why The Nets do it?: Money; why only saving 3 Million Dollars this year on the Deal, for a big tax Payer like Brooklyn, that adds up to a lot of money; plus: With the combination of Garnetts !2+ Mil in salary, combined with his no-trade clause; the Nets are lucky to get whatever savings out of a deal that has to be to a team that Garnett approves of AND can absorb his salary.

Heat Get: Wright, Batum

Blazers Get: Chris Bosh

Why the Blazers do it?: If James leaves for Cleveland and Wade maybe for Chicago; The Blazers have to make an aggressive Move for one of the best in the game.

Why the Heat do it?: If Miami goes into rebuild mode 5+ Mil of savings in the first year and 8Mil in the second gives you some extra money to build around Batum and whatever assets they acquire from Cleveland

Cleveland gets: Aldridge

Blazers get: Bennett, Thompson, Waiters, and the #1 Pick

Why Blazers do it?: Why it makes me cringe to see the Blazers trade LMA, I watched this team trade Clyde Drexler for Otis Thorpe and I got over it eventually. If the Blazers Were to Plug in Thomas Robinson tomorrow at the 4, the Blazers would still be a 50 win team, adding these three players to our bench makes our bench the deepest in the league overnight , adding the number one pick gives us the opportunity to take the player we want or to auction it off in-between the 76ers and Bucks, which would most likely net us the 76ers #10 pick this year and/or the #1 next year, this. The Blazers trading Aldridge now; while his stock is at its all time high could actually make the Blazers a better team THIS YEAR.

Why The Cavaliers do it?: Because Dan Gilbert is just that dumb, and he will do it without any guarantee from Aldridge in order to woo LeBron.

Please Let me know what you think about these Ideas and lets hear some of yours

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