How Can We Elevate to Championship Contender in 2 Seasons?

This Season was fantastic and watching the Blazers advance into the 2nd round was great but I'm left with the question of how do we get to the next level??

Here is a condensed version of some stuff ive seen so far.

1. Build The Bench- This is the most simple and easy to stomach option. Our beloved starters stick around and we outfit the bench.

-My Favorite Option Would Be- Trading CJ, Meyers, and Claver for Avery Bradley in a Sign an Trade. We could add in another young player who I think fits in well with Barton and .....

Step 2 Vince Carter for MLE- He can be a playmaker and would fit well in our 2nd unit.

Step 3 After the Draft- Dorrel wright and a future first for Kosta Koufus and 2 Seconds- We get a stud backup center an get some 2nds back but lose another 1st and a good vet shooter but you have this twelve man roster

Lillard/Bradley Wes/Barton/Crabbe Batum/Vince LA/Thomas Lopez/Koufus

2. 2015 Offseason

I'm not going to list out any of the options and scenarios because we frankly have no idea yet but here is what would have to happen in my opinion.

1. Restraint- We can't sign long term deals or trade picks this year because we can't weaken next years assets or cap space.

2. Sacrifice- La has to reup for slight under a max a 5 year 80 million dollar deal would be very team friendly saving the blazers 3-4 million off of a 2015 offseason max.

3. Batum- If we pursued gasol and got him at a max for around 19, in the best case scenario that would put 35 million invested in him and Aldridge over half of the updated salary cap. It is unrealistic to have batum at 12 also on the roster unless we have some very cheap fill ins on the bench and at the 2.

Obviously, Option 1 is more feasible and less gut wrenching while #2 is very difficult and involves losing at least one of the three starters and all of the bench. Let me know what you guys think and what scenario you would prefer!

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