Rasmus Larsen

This is not worth a Post but it is (I'm keeping this short because I already know I do not agree with the average Blazer fan so forgive any & all tone)...

2014 (whew!)

Lillard - Mo (opt out) - Watson (retire)

Wes - CJ - Crabbe

Batum - Wright - Barton

LA - TRob - Claver

Lopez - Freeland - Leonard

2015 (I would embrace trades but that wouldn't be much of a "prediction")

Lillard - CJ - ?

Wes - Crabbe - Barton

Batum - Wright - Claver

LA - TRob - Freeland

Lopez - *Larsen* - Leonard

My .02

If the Blazers do not trade into this draft (second round?!) then I...just...don't...know

If the Blazers are done with acquiring talent then I pity the part of me (the stubborn part that died a little after Sheed's towel bounced off Him (yeah-you remember Him!) and hit the floor) who will watch next season equipped with blinders

***I love that the Hornets + nostalgia are back

Okay - I might as well test the waters again. What is the general RIP CITY consensus on...

*CJ? - Drafted as a #10 pick backup?! (ego warning = my 2013 "documented like a good basketball nerd" pre draft big board > 1-Noel...2-Giannis...3-MCW...*random picks like "yes" Oladipo & "no" Porter & etc with Nedovic & Snell & Wolters & Muscala not far behind)

*Wes? - Is that dribbling i hear?...Kind of!

*Barton? - Does he always pick Luigi (Mario 2) or is that me imagining him with screws loose in the legs? There is not much to defend with respect to Mario 2 but is there any semblance of a case for Barton being a future "lock down defender"?

*Batum? - Is he aware human beings are capable of going left/right?

*LA? - Is he aware human beings no longer use telephone booths?

*Leonard? - I loved Leonard's game from afar (the few random minutes I saw him play at Illinois) but I hate his game up close = his shooting frame has a base of two arms that are just about to collapse & his horrendous instincts negate his athleticism that now showcases itself in the form of bench celebrations & the list goes on ("longer" than his relevant career so the list is as well rested as Leonard is...I bet on the list winning the rebound)

Don't get me wrong

I love the Blazers

But some things (the reality surrounding expectations) need to be said...some things need to be repeated

I hope for the best because I have from my day 1 but I can't help but be a realist

What's your real?

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