GetOutOfTheFirstRound Appreciation Thread




We can debate the circumstances of where and how his birth happened...

However, we all agree that he is special... He is a Legend.

We will be writing stories of his conquests for generations...

I look forward to the day when I can tell my grandchildren about the greatness of Lillard.


"That's definitely the shot of my life. So far." - Damian Lillard

So far.

So far?





It's been 14 years since the Blazers got out of the first round.

I was still a kid in high school... It feels like it's been several 'generations' of experiences since we last won a playoff series.

My former coworker and good friend has been posting on Blazersedge for the past 4 seasons with the handle: GetOutOfTheFirstRound

He's the cheeky bastard who was mentioned in my "Bringing it home" post.

Thank you GetOutOfTheFirstRound for your Blazers discussion and passion.

However, your handle won't be missed...

In fact, I've hated that handle; I've been anxiously awaiting for that handle to be swept into the dustpan of history...

And it is finally time... It is time for that handle to be retired...

Here we recognize and appreciate your contributions to the Blazersedge community, and we look forward to your next generation handle...

We also recognize what the Blazers needed to do, to finally retire that handle... they got out of the First Round!



Who do you want to face in the second round?

Clearly, I'd like to see the Mavericks. They owe us some karma from their championship team, where they stole BRoy' game 4 flow, riding it all the way to a title... Could we once again, be facing the night before the Mavericks?


The shot was arguably reminiscent of:

Lillard: "I'm always on YouTube watching Steve Francis, Allen Iverson and Brandon Roy."

Wonder how many times he's watched this clip...


Gone Fishing:



Instant twitter reactions:

"Damn..." - Aaron Brooks

"It’s a shame what Lillard just did to them …" - Nick Young

"Are You Kidding Me !!! ? Portland /Houston 0.9 What a game" - AC Green

"Oh. My. God." - Steve Kerr

"Damn, that was clutch!" - Wilson Chandler

"Oakland is in DA BUILDING!!!!! D Lillard!!!!" - Bruce Bowen

"Damn that's cold blooded" - Marcus Thorton

"@Dame_Lillard Hand down man down! #clutch #RipCity" - Wesley Johnson

"Wow wow wow, OMG! @trailblazers move on! @HoustonRockets gone fishin!" - Greg Anthony

"Lillard is RIDICULOUS!!!! #gameover" - Quentin Richardson

"Wow!! @Dame_Lillard making up for DRose out for the year #SuperstarsMakePlays" - TJ Ford

"Lillard that was nasty" - Dion Waiters

"Wow!!!!! Lillard has ice in his veins!!! #NBAPlayoffs" - Jason Smith

"Unbelievable!!!" - Ryan Kelly



Go Blazers!


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