A Calm, Sensible Step-Back 3 [REMINDER]

So in January, when the Blazers were still scorching the league and generally being one of the feel-good stories of the year, I wrote this reflection piece on Lillard's favorite weapon, the step-back three.

It started out as a pure celebratory ode to Lillard's giant cojones shots down the stretch, but it morphed into a sober sense of realization, after I'd started to get used to the new-found expectation of winning from the Blazers.

You may wonder why I'm reposting it here, and today.

Well, today our beloved PTBs are gonna try and extend the series in San Antonio, but I think we all know the odds are against us and that there is an overwhelming statistical probability that the Blazers will lose and the series will be over. A few of us are probably clinging to dubious numerology [1977... 7+7 = 14 ... 2014 is our year you guys!!!!!] or various other fan-enchanted rationalizations, but my guess is the rest of us are believing... somewhat... somewhere between a lot or a little, trying in vain to bat away the pesky reality of the fact that literally no NBA team in the history of the league has accomplished what our team is trying, at the moment, to accomplish.

In light of this, I thought it would be good to offer a bit of extra perspective.

You can click through to read the whole thing, of course, but I'm distilling it here into three essential principles that every Blazer fan needs to step back and remember from time to time:

1. Even though I identify as a fan, this team is not a direct reflection of me.

2. Being good at something is no guarantee of success.

3. End results neither completely validate nor nullify the value of the process.

Regardless of how well our team does or does not play, it would behoove us all to remember these three things while we yell at the refs, hold our breath during every LaMarcus Aldridge midrange jumper, beg for Mo Williams not to turn the ball over, and wait in baited breath for something special to happen when either Thomas Robinson or Will Barton enter the game.

That is all...


(and watch out for snakes on the team bus!)

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