This is NOT the time for an overhaul


The Blazers' against the Spurs haven't been exposed so much as used to the hilt by Gregg Popovich. Popovich has the kind of team where he can do just that. This is the worst matchup for the Blazers. People talked about the Blazers playing against the Spurs better than any other team in the last 5 years. I think Popovich was sick of that and decided to put a stop to it this year. Plus this is playoff Spurs, which are an entirely different beast than regular season Spurs.

Lillard has bad defense. He was supposed to work with Payton in the summer of 2013 but he never really got around to meeting with him.

Lopez is not very quick laterally. So he has to help Lillard out and can't get back in time.

Popovich rested Parker for practically the whole month of April. This tactic was designed to push the Spurs through the playoffs.

Popovich also knows the way to beat the Blazers is to hit them with a roundhouse kick in the first quarter. The Blazers always start out kind of slow and then pick up speed. So the early hit is the way to make them lose confidence and keep them from getting started. He's also making sure the Spurs don't get complacent, whenever the Blazers are anywhere near close to cutting it to single digits he's called timeout furiously.

He's got in the Blazer's heads so they're beating themselves, missing dunks and easy layups.

The Spurs are shooting crazy good apart from Portland's defensive woes.

The Spurs want it BAD. They want a rematch with Miami and have more to lose than the Blazers if they don't make the Finals this season. They also don't want to waste time on the Blazers series. They want to make sure they save for the WCF and the Finals. The Mavericks made it interesting in the first round because of the speed of Monta Ellis and guys like that.

As far as improving the roster, we need a better scoring bench. I trust Neil Olshey with that.

The biggest part of this series has been mental focus. I'm sure the Blazers will learn a lot from these games. The Blazers are all still kind of thinking about how they won the first round in the back of their minds and so they won't be able to think properly about a second round game until next year.

Signing Carmelo Anthony would be a huge mistake IMO. He has not played real team basketball for much of his NBA career, I guarantee you that in big games when the pressure's on he'll go back to his old ways and blow it by taking too many shots and passing too little.

The Blazers won't be as star struck next year from winning the first round. I've got to give props to the Spurs and hope when the Spurs advance that they make it to the Finals and beat the Heat... if nothing else so they don't do this to us again.

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