The Forgotten One

As I was browsing the interwebs, reading through as many Blazers/Rockets previews as I could find, I noticed something. Or, rather, I noticed the lack of something. Out of the first eight articles I read, only three even mentioned Mo Williams' name, and one of those was just quoting one of the others. The only real mention of him was, where else? Right here on the Bedge. Criminally, ESPN forgot an important part of Mo's career when they said ROLO was the only Blazer to make it past the first round.

Mo Williams is a unique force on this team. Maybe the most maddening player in my eyes since Travis Outlaw. One thing can't be denied, though. When he is on, he changes the whole game for the Blazers. In 74 games played, Mo Williams has scored 10 or more points 32 times, 43%.

The Blazers are 25-7 when Mo scores 10 or more, a .720 winning percentage. Even better, the Blazers scored an average of 8.375 points more per game than their opponents (including losses) meaning that Mo isn't costing the blazers anything with his defense. When he's on.

There of course is, the other 57%. In the remaining 42 games, the Blazers are still a respectable 24-18, the .571 winning percentage eerily hitting the mark. In short, if Williams can have a few more good games than iffy ones, the Blazers are one of the toughest outs in the league.

Looking at Houston in particular this year, the trend holds. In the Blazers 4 games, Mo scored 8 in a loss, 13 in a win, then 9 and 10 respectively in the last two losses.

Also of note, other than the 16 point loss at home to Phoenix, even in losses, anytime Mo scored 10 or more, the Blazers only lost by 8 to the Thunder, by 5 to the Rockets by 2 to the Spurs, Heat and 76rs, and by 1 to Warriors.

that's 7 losses by only 36 points, 5.14ppg. and by 3.8ppg if you remove the Poenix and Golden State games.






Man, Mo Williams really hates the sleeved jerseys.

And give the man credit. He was a true believer from the beginning.


Can we get an amen?

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