Milwaukee Bucks and Victor Claver

Milwaukee is the worst team in the NBA record wise (though Philadelphia is giving them a run for their money).

O/T: The preseason over under on Philadelphia was 15.5 wins. They have 15 wins, but are now on a 20 game losing streak. One has to now admit the possibility of them not achieving the over on the preseason Vegas line... They were 12-21, and are now 15-51... Would you be stressing if you had that ticket, the over on Philadelphia wins right now?

The Milwaukee Bucks are 6-30 in 2014.

And their wins have all been against the worst teams in the league(record at time of game):

Team Wins Losses
Orlando 19 46
Utah 21 39
Philadelphia 15 42
Orlando 16 39
NY Knicks 19 29
Detroit 17 25

No team is worse against the three point line, with the Bucks allowing 38.8% from deep (almost a full percentage point worse than the next team, and almost 3 percentage points worse than the league average).

No team has a worse defensive rating than the Bucks, at 111.0, a staggering 4.7 worse than the league average. The Blazers offensive rating is 111.9, and once again tops in the league.

This is strength vs weakness squared. The Blazers should have a field day, not just behind the arc.


Thus, we should be seeing Victor Claver get some run Tuesday vs the Bucks... which should thrill some of you.

I haven't really understood the Claver love here. Yes, he plays some decent defense, but he's a pariah on offense.

Don't get me wrong: I love having Claver as a 14th man, I just don't understand what he's done that would make anyone believe he deserves minutes.


He hasn't been able to put the ball into the bucket when he's been given an opportunity, which I believe is the whole point of this exercise...

We're talking about a sub 53% free throw shooter.

We're talking about a sub 40% shooter from the field.

We're talking about a 27% three point shooter.

If you didn't know, those are horrible numbers.


He turns the ball over more than anyone on the roster, bar Earl Watson.

Blazers Turnover percentage(number of turnovers a player commits per 100 possessions):

Aldridge 7.4
Matthews 8.3
Lopez 10.5
Wright 10.6
Crabbe 11.2
Lillard 11.6
Barton 12.1
Robinson 12.8
Leonard 13.3
McCollum 15.4
Freeland 16.1
Williams 17.3
Batum 19.1
Claver 25.3

The league average is 13.6.

Sure, we could give him a pass because of his small sample size of only 104 minutes this year, but we'd be ignoring his turnover percentage of 17.5 last year in 812 minutes.

So, he not only can't put the ball into the hoop when given the opportunity, he hands the ball to the opponent more than every other Blazer (bar Watson).


Blazers eFG%:

Watson 57.10%
Batum 54.30%
Lopez 53.80%
Matthews 53.70%
Wright 52.30%
Lillard 51.50%
McCollum 50.30%
Leonard 49.30%
Freeland 48.10%
Crabbe 47.70%
Barton 47.20%
Williams 46.90%
Robinson 46.10%
Aldridge 46.00%
Claver 45.20%

That chart really wasn't required, as we know he has struggled at putting the ball into the hole.

And it's not like his rebounding percentage(percentage of rebounds the player grabs when he is on the court) is all that great either:

Robinson 19.1
Leonard 17.0
Aldridge 16.4
Freeland 15.3
Lopez 14.6
Claver 11.2

He has an offensive rating of 86 and a defensive rating of 107.

Last year he had an offensive rating of 89 and a defensive rating of 110.

That is good for the worse differential on the team, and the worse differential of anyone on the team last year (bar Barton).

He has a career negative win shares per 48 minutes, and a career PER of 6.9


So, what am I missing? Are we supposed to ignore his struggles and focus solely on his ability to defend? Why do some of you believe Claver deserves minutes? Especially over someone like TRob, who has shown flashes of brilliancy on the court?


So, goals of the game:

* Have a double digit lead at the end of half, the end of the third quarter, and the end of the game (thus providing Claver with at least 15+ minutes)

* Hold Milwaukee under 100 points

* Make 15 three point shots


Go Blazers!

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