BlazersMakr Doin Work: Episode 4

LaMarcus Aldridge is the first Blazer to score in double digits in every one of the teams' first 50 games (make that 51 games)...


List of players with more than thirty 20 point games this season:

Kevin Durant - 47
LaMarcus Aldridge - 40
Carmelo Anthony - 40
Lebron James - 39
Blake Griffin - 38
Kevin Love - 36
Steph Curry - 33
Paul George - 32


Lillard isn't far off the pace, with 27 games with 20+ points.

W$s has 14 games with 20+ points.

Batum has 7 games with 20+ points.


List of players with at least six 30 point games:

Kevin Durant - 30 games
Lebron James - 17 games
Steph Curry - 14 games
Kevin Love - 14 games
Carmelo Anthony - 13 games
Blake Griffin - 11 games
James Harden - 10 games
DeMarcus Cousins - 9 games
LaMarcus Aldridge - 8 games
DeMar DeRozan - 8 games
Paul George - 8 games
Kyrie Irving - 7 games
Damian Lillard - 6 games
Rudy Gay - 6 games
Al Jefferson - 6 games
Dirk Nowitzki - 6 games
John Wall - 6 games

Last season, the Blazers had 4 players that had 30+ point games:

* Aldridge - 9
* Lillard - 5
* Batum - 2
* W$s - 1

Sadly, so far just Lillard and Aldridge have hit 30+ points this season.

Other players on the roster with 30+ point games:

* Mo Williams - 23
* Dorell Wright - 6
* Robin Lopez - 1

I honestly believe that the Blazers have 8 guys who can score 30+ points on a given night (add CJ McCollum).

Going to put this out into the ether again: What if CJ McCollum is more talented than Damian Lillard? Just imagine it... it's a beautiful thought... and all I know is that it is a non-zero probability... ("so you're saying there's a chance")

Basically half the roster has had a 30 point game in their career.

Sidebar: Patty Mills scored 32 points last night for the Spurs? Wow...

List of players with a 40 point game this season:

Kevin Durant - 6 games
Kevin Love - 3 games
Carmelo Anthony - 2 games
Steph Curry - 2 games
Blake Griffin - 2 games
Kyrie Irving - 2 games
LaMarcus Aldridge - 1 game
Damian Lillard - 1 game
Chris Paul - 1 game
Paul George - 1 game
Dirk Nowitzki - 1 game
Al Jefferson - 1 game
Arron Afflalo - 1 game
DeMar DeRozan - 1 game
Terrence Ross - 1 game
Marcus Thornton - 1 game
Rudy Gay - 1 game

Of these 28 games with a 40+ point night, the Blazers were involved with:

* January 21st, 2013: Kevin Durant puts up 46 points in the Moda Center
* December 2nd, 2013: Paul George puts up 43 points in the Moda Center

Balancing the equation, the Blazers have 2 of those 40 point games:

* Denver @ Portland (Win by 5 points)
* Portland @ Sacramento (Lose by 4 points)


Since beating the Blazers March 3rd 2012, Minnesota has lost all 4 games in when Kevin Love scores 40+ points.

Feb 1st, 2014 (Minnesota lost by 7 points to the Hawks): Kevin Love scored 43 points
Dec 22, 2013 (Minnesota lost by 4 points to the Clippers): Kevin Love scored 45 points
Dec 13th, 2013 (Minnesota lost by 7 points to the Spurs): Kevin Love scored 42 points
March 23rd, 2012 (Minnesota lost by 9 points to the Thunder): Kevin Love scored 51 points
March 3rd, 2012 (Minnesota beat the Blazers by 12 points): Kevin Love scored 42 points
March 28th, 2012 (Minnesota beat the Bobcats by 5 points): Kevin Love scored 40 points
Dec 2, 2010 (Minnesota lost by 4 to the Pacers): Kevin Love scored 43 points


Point/Assist double-doubles

There have been 11 point-assist double-doubles vs the Blazers this season:

Chris Paul (Dec 26th): 34 points/16 assists/6 steals/3 rebounds
DeMar DeRozan (Feb 1st): 36 points/12 assists/4 rebounds/1 block
Goran Dragic (Nov 27th): 31 points/10 assists/5 rebounds/1 block
Jrue Holiday (Dec 30th): 31 points/13 assists/7 rebounds/1 block/1 steal
Kyrie Irving (Dec 17th): 25 points/10 assists/3 rebounds/1 steal
Steph Curry (Nov 23rd): 22 points/11 assists/3 rebounds/1 steal
Jameer Nelson (Jan 8th): 17 points/10 assists/5 rebounds/1 steal
Brandon Jennings (Dec 15th): 13 points/14 assists/8 rebounds
Ty Lawson (Jan 23rd): 13 points/11 assists/2 rebounds/2 steals
Kyle Lowry (Nov 17th): 10 points/10 assists/7 rebounds/4 steals
Ricky Rubio (Jan 25th): 10 points/11 assists/3 rebounds/2 steals

On the flip side, the Blazers have only produced 7 point-assist double-doubles:

Nic Batum (Nov 2nd): 11 points/11 assists/12 rebounds/1 block
Damian Lillard (Dec 17th): 36 points/10 assists/8 rebounds/1 block
Damian Lillard (Dec 31st): 21 points/11 assists/6 rebounds/1 steal
Mo Williams (Jan 2nd): 15 points//10 assists/2 steals
Nic Batum (Jan 8th): 14 points/14 assists/10 rebounds/1 block/1 steal
Damian Lillard (Jan 18th): 14 points/10 assists/5 rebounds
Damian Lillard (Feb 7th): 38 points/11 assists/3 rebounds

Of note, Batum also has 3 other games with double digit assists(One of those 3 other games was a rather nontraditional double-double: 10 assists/10 rebounds, but just 4 points/1 steal/1 block).


I'd like Lillard' assist total to go up this after this summer. It's a bit disgraceful that the team' SF has more double digit assist nights than the team' PG...

I'd argue that there are only 3 areas that Lillard should be relentlessly striving to improve:

1) Generating more assists
2) Better defense (spacing, on the ball defense, and off the ball help defense)
3) Creating more foul shots


Conversely, an area Lillard doesn't need to improve is 3pt shooting.

He already has 329 made 3 pointers in his first 2 seasons, which is an NBA record. Lillard took the record from Klay Thompson, who previously, had the record with 322 made 3 pointers in his first 2 seasons.

This season, Lillard is already in the top 10 Blazers' seasons with respect to made 3 pt field goals:

1) Damian Lillard - 185 (2012-13)
2) Damon Stoudamire - 181 (2004-05)
3) Clifford Robinson - 178 (1995-96)
4) Wes Matthews - 169 (2012-13)
5) Nic Batum - 165 (2012-13)
6) Rudy Fernandez - 159 (2008-09)
7) Damon Stoudamire - 156 (2003-04)
8) Wes Matthews - 154 (2010-11)
9) Damian Lillard - 144* (2013-14)


The other 2 of the Three Blazer Bombers have been up and down...

Least number of games without a made 3 pointer:

Kyle Korver - 0 (44 of 44 games)
Klay Thompson - 1 (49 of 50 games)
Wes Matthews - 2 (48 of 50 games)
Steph Curry - 2 (45 of 47 games)
Jamal Crawford - 4 (49 of 53 games)
Kevin Durant - 4 (47 of 51 games)
Jose Calderon - 4 (46 of 50 games)
Jameer Nelson - 4 (43 of 47 games)
Damian Lillard - 5 (45 of 50 games)
Kyle Lowry - 5 (45 of 50 games)
Gerald Green - 5 (44 of 49 games)
Kevin Love - 5 (43 of 48 games)
Isaiah Thomas - 6 (44 of 50 games)
Spencer Hawes - 7 (42 of 49 games)
Paul George - 7 (42 of 49 games)
Nic Batum - 8 (42 of 50 games)

Why do people think Hawes would be a good fit? Look no farther than this list... he's a 7' with range, but can bang down low a little...


One of my favorite stats is trip-sevens(7 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists); it's the poor man' version of a triple double.

This season, 13 players have recorded more than 4 trip-sevens:

Lebron - 16
Lance Stephenson - 11
Nic Batum - 10
Kevin Durant - 9
Kyle Lowry - 9
Chris Paul - 7
Kevin Love - 7
Russell Westbrook - 7
Joakim Noah - 7
Michael Carter Williams - 7
Steph Curry - 6
Ricky Rubio - 5
Josh Smith - 5

Other Blazers:

Lillard has 3 games with trip-sevens
W$s has 3 games with trip-sevens


Carmelo Anthony has a season high 7 assists, in which he recorded his only trip-seven game of the season.

In his 760 games in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony has managed 14 games with trip-sevens.

Last week I posted this stat and question:

Win Shares first 7 Seasons

I’m going to give you two lists of win shares for the first 7 seasons of their careers (one is Carmelo Anthony, the other is Shane Battier).

See if you can match them to the correct player?

Player A: 4.9, 5.0, 6.1, 7.3, 7.9, 8.2, 9.4
Player B: 4.8, 5.9, 6.2, 7.8, 8.2, 9.0, 9.1

Which created a mini-debate on the value of Carmelo Anthony on another thread.

I'm going to recap my argument that Carmelo Anthony can not be considered the best scorer in the league, and should not be considered a top 10 player in the league.

Last season Melo scored the most points per game, but shot the ball 0.2% worse than the league average. Does that make him a great scorer, or does that mean he has a high usage rate?

His career field goal percentage is 45.5% He's the quintessential volume scorer. He needs a ton of shots every game, and will produce a bunch of points off the free throw line.

Every season, it's a struggle for Melo to have more assists than turnovers (he's had 4 seasons with more turnovers than assists and 6 seasons with more assists than turnovers).

Another obvious reason that Melo isn't a top 10 player though is on defense. He's terrible, like below the average 8th man for any given team on defense.

Both his offensive and defensive ratings are roughly 107-108 for his whole career. Basically, when he's on the court, his team will break even. One of these things is not like the others; one of these things just isn't the same...

Player ORtg (career) DRtg (career) ORtg (season) DRtg (season) Career O/DRtg diff Season O/DRtg Diff
Lebron 116 102 122 105 14 17
Duncan 110 95 107 97 15 20
Durant 115 105 124 101 10 23
Harden 117 106 115 107 11 8
Paul George 106 98 109 95 18 14
CP3 122 104 124 103 18 21
Nowitzki 117 104 120 107 13 13
Blake Griffin 113 104 114 103 9 11

Melo 108 107 113 107 1 6

Lastly, and perhaps the most damaging, in the past 6 seasons:

  • 1522/2633 (57.8%) at the Rim
  • 585/1606 (36.4%) from 3pt range
  • 1742/4385 (39.7%) from everywhere else

How anyone can make the argument that someone who shoots sub 40% from everywhere outside 3 feet is the best scorer in the league.... is beyond my comprehension.


This is all the players who currently have 100+ turnovers, and more turnovers than assists.

The Melo Special:

Dwight Howard(160 turnovers, 84 assists)
DeMarcus Cousins(147 turnovers, 129 assists)
Rudy Gay(136 turnovers, 123 assists)
David Lee(111 turnovers, 107 assists)
Greg Monroe(109 turnovers, 99 assists)
Carlos Boozer(106 turnovers, 73 assists)
Jeff Green(101 turnovers, 82 assists)


With the win tonight, the Blazers are:

* 2-10 when their opponent shoots better than 48%
* 34-5 when they hold their opponent to less than 48%


Only 6 players have recorded more than 2 games of 25+ points/15+ rebounds:

Kevin Love - 14
LaMarcus Aldridge - 8
DeMarcus Cousins - 5
Carmelo Anthony - 4
Anthony Davis - 3
Dwight Howard - 3

Another 4 players have two such games...


Speaking of rebounding...

Robin Lopez already has 197 offensive rebounds for the season.

The top 10 Blazers' seasons with respect to offensive rebounds:

1) Kermit Washington - 325 (1979-80)
2) Chris Dudley - 325 (1994-95)
3) Buck Williams - 315 (1993-94)
4) Clyde Drexler - 289 (1988-89)
5) LaMarcus Aldridge - 278 (2010-11)
6) Maurice Lucas - 271 (1976-77)
7) JJ Hickson - 266 (2012-13)
8) Tom Owens - 263 (1978-79)
9) Dale Davis - 262 (2001-02)
10) Clyde Drexler - 261 (1987-88)

He's currently on pace to have a mid-320ish offensive rebounds... Think he can do it??


In conspirator' amazing post:

He discusses why LaMarcus Aldridge is not a real MVP because of his true shooting percentage.

His post made me realize why I'm so worried about how people view Melo; when Aldridge isn't at his best, he isn't all that different from Carmelo.

The two forwards are volume scorers, but who can create match-up nightmares.

Both have middling eFG% and TS%: Melo(48.2% and 54.6%) and Aldridge(49.1% and 53.4%). Though, both can put a team on their back for large portions of the game and have great PERs and WS/48 minutes.

Both don't have all that many assists and have relatively high turnover percentages.

I guess I'm just worried that Aldridge could possibly turn into Melo in a few years, which would be an absolute nightmare...


A few interesting trends have formed:

1) Thomas Robinson is a different beast at home vs away(FG% of 52.1% in 209 minutes at home, FG% of 42.6% in 260 minutes on the road.

2) Blazers go to Aldridge heavily in the first and third quarters(339 and 328 field goal attempts) and not so much in the second and fourth quarters(184 and 195 field goals respectively.

3) While the bench has improved greatly, Stotts hasn't been able to find minutes for them; continuing to rely heavily on the starters. Four of the Blazers' starters are in the top 20 in minutes played in the NBA this season.


Lastly, I wanted to take a quick peek at the potential mid-level signings this summer.

As we have basically everyone coming back(MoDub - player option, Will Barton - team option, Earl Watson - free agent), but no draft picks this year, the only real change for the 2014-15 season will be the mid-level exception(4yr/$22M) and veteran minimum signings.

Right now, I'm of the opinion you keep Barton at his sub $1M contract for next year.

I'm also holding out hope that MoDub will decide to stay (though I have no realistic expectation that it will happen).


So, who are we targetting with our mid-level exception (remember you can break the mid-level up into 2 contracts if you found 2 players who would share the mid-level exception money):

Spencer Hawes - Some want to trade for him today, so that we have him for our playoff run, but he will be a free agent this summer, and his price tag will be around the mid-level. At just 25 years old, and with his newly found 3 point shot, he would appear to be a great fit.

Channing Frye - He does have a 1yr/$6.8M player option; but if he knows he can lock up similar money for more seasons, why wouldn't he do it (especially with his health). He's love in Portland, and can make the 3 point shot. Like Hawes, he appears to be an ideal fit.

Marcin Gortat - He's probably worth more than the mid-level exception, I just don't know where. He was a Blazersedge favorite for the Blazers to trade for during this past offseason (where we elected to trade for Lopez instead).

Chris Kaman/Emeka Okafor - How much tread is left on either of these two' tires?

DeJuan Blair/Ed Davis/Jordan Hill/Kris Humphries - Would we prefer to acquire a skilled rebounder?

Greg Stiemsma/Lou Amundson - Interesting pieces to investigate further.

Matt Bonner -- One of my favorites; awesome 3pt shooting always great offensive and defensive ratings.

Boris Diaw - Why does he seemingly only perform under Popovich?

Andrey Blanche/Michael Beasley/Ron Artest/Richard Jefferson - Doubt the Blazers want to introduce any of them into our locker room.

Shawn Marion/AK47 - Interesting idea bringing in a defensive presence wing, but do we really want our only major addition to be a 57 year old man?

Shane Battier/Mike Miller - Do we need another wing that can hit the corner 3? Get vet leadership with both, and defense with Battier...

Al-Farouq Aminu - Olshey' first draft pick for the Clippers; great on defense and rebounding, horrible on offense; can't add him into our free flowing offense.

Caron Butler/Trevor Ariza/Vince Carter/Kenyon Martin - What can they offer the Blazers?

Danny Granger/Ben Gordon/Luol Deng - I honestly have no idea what they are going to sign for (3M/yr - 14M/yr)...

Dante Cunningham/Marvin Williams/Jason Richardson - I'd have a hard time signing them as our big addition this coming offseason.

Thabo Sefolosha - One of my favorites; we'd be stealing him from OKC as well...

Jodie Meeks/Nick Young/Shannon Brown/Wesley Johnson - Intriguing pieces to acquire.

I can't imagine the Blazers signing another point guard...


So, here are the list of 11 players I think we are/should be looking at:

Spencer Hawes, Channing Frye, Matt Bonner

AK47, Kris Humphries, Lou Amundson

Chris Kaman, Emeka Okafor, Greg Stiemsma

Thabo Sefolosha,Shannon Brown, DeJuan Blair

Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion

Greg Oden (lol, just kidding...)


And of course, basketball-reference' championship odds (based off relative offensive/defensive ratings:

Indiana - 3 to 1
Oklahoma City - 5 to 1
San Antonio - 15 to 2 (was 7 to 1 last week)
Miami - 10 to 1 (was 12 to 1 last week)
LA Clippers - 14 to 1
Portland - 28 to 1 (was 18 to 1 last week)
Golden State - 28 to 1 (was 35 to 1 last week)
Houston - 35 to 1 (was part of field last week)
Field - 25 to 1 (was 20-1 last week)


Playoff experience for the Blazers:

* Dorell Wright - 7 games (has only played in 7 games, but was part of the 2005-06 Miami Heat team that won the Championshp)

* Mo Williams - 41 games (1 Eastern Conference Finals, 2 second round losses, 1 first round loss

* LaMarcus Aldridge - 18 games (3 first round losses 4-2)

* Nic Batum - 18 games (3 first round losses 4-2)

* Wes Matthews - 16 games (1 second round loss w/Utah, 1 first round loss w/Portland)

* Earl Watson - 8 games (2 first round sweeps)

* Robin Lopez - 6 games (1 first round loss, 4-2)

No playoff experience: Will Barton, Victor Claver, Allen Crabbe, Joel Freeland, Meyers Leonard, Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, Thomas Robinson.


I'd like to extend:

* a belated 27th birthday wish to Joel Freeland (Feb 7th).

* congratulations to LaMarcus Aldridge for yet another All-star appearance

* congratulations to Damian Lillard for making his first All-star appearance (and competing in 5 of the all-star events

The youngest 2 Blazers, Meyers Leonard will be turning 22 in a couple weeks and Allen Crabbe will be turning 22 in 8 weeks...


Check out:

BlazersMakr Doin Work (Episode 1): Blazers Mid-season Review
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BlazersMakr Doin Work (Episode 3): MVPs, Coaches, Championships, and Teammates

And my proposals to improve the NBA.

My favorite posts:

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Brandon Roy: Domination vs the L*kers

Blazer for Life

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Go Blazers!

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