I love this team, I love the organization, even the "in-game experience" is pretty cool overall. I mean look at the product we have out on the floor now. Two All-Stars, a point forward, a scrappy 2 guard and, well, Robin. So, I am happy with the product itself. They are fun to watch and seem to be a real team out there.

Over the years I have even become accustomed to the piped in music and all of that, which, coming from largely only going to college basketball games was quite an adjustment. I think over the last few years they have tended to do a much better job at giving fans space to get chants going from time to time which has improved the overall experience a bit.

The last thing that really gets on my nerves about the whole in-game experience is the use of the "Charge!" horns...

They use it every single game, often when we are getting beat and people are sort of in a sour mood at that moment as a result.

To suddenly play that "do do doo da doo da dooo" sound with the expectation that the crowd will yell "CHARGE!!!" makes no sense for two basic reasons:

1. The fans rarely do call out "Charge!!!" after the sound, and when they do it is a very very small fraction of them.

2. A charge is a foul when your team is on offense, which is exclusively when they play the sound. I really do not want to exhort CJ McCullom to commit an offensive foul leading to a turnover as he is bringing the ball up the court. I really don't.

It might not be so bad if they played it once and let it go, but when no one exhorts the team to commit that turnover they play it again, just a little louder and even sometimes, when the second attempt falls flat once again, they go for a third attempt to get the crowd to cheer our team to commit a charge.

OK, OK I know this is a bit a frivilous post, but, honestly I just wanted to know if anyone else out there finds the use of the "CHARGE" sound at a basketball irritating as well????

It is also worth note, I sit in the last row of section 315 and the "sound" is much much louder up there. So the use of the in-game sound really does impact my overall experience watching the game.

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