NBA Awards: Hosted by Cedric the Entertainer (with Running Commentary by the TNT crew)

In Simmon' latest mailbag, he proposes an NBA Award Show.

"But Ross did earn himself pole position in this year’s "WTF Box Score" award race, which raises the question … shouldn’t we be able to vote on things like this season’s "Best In-Game Dunk," "Greatest Regular-Season Game" and "Craziest WTF Box Score" just like we vote on the MVP and Rookie of the Year?

Off that same idea: Why doesn’t the NBA have an awards night? What is it waiting for? Throw it two nights before the draft in New York. Why not? Even if it leads to one wonky trade between two drunk owners or GMs, it will be worth it. Think of the groupies! Think of the outfits! Think of the paternity suits! Also, what chain of events would have to happen for Kevin Hart NOT to host the NBA Awards?"

This is an outstanding idea, and I would like to add it to my list of Improvements for the NBA.


So, what award categories should be presented at an NBA Awards show?

Clearly, we'd want to keep the traditional awards:

* Rookie of the Year(player)

* Most Valuable Player(player)

* Sixth Man of the Year(player)

* Most Improved Player of the Year(player)

* Coach of the Year(non-player)

* Executive of the Year(non-player)

* All-NBA team and All-Defensive team(players)

I love the categories suggested by Simmons:

* Best In-Game Dunk(player)

* Greatest Regular-Season Game(player)

* Craziest WTF Box Score(player)


The additional categories I'd propose:

* Comeback Player of the Year(player)

* Best Game Winner(player)

* Best Pre-Game/Post-Game Outfit(player)

* Greatest Quarter Performance(player)

* Ankle-Breaker of the Year(player)

* Pass of the Year(player)

* That's Nasty Block of the Year(player)

* That's Nasty Rebound of the Year(player)

* Alley-Oop of the Year(2 players)

* Move of the Year(player)

* Flop of the Year(player)

* Best Overtime Performance(player)

* Great Hands Performance of the Year(player)

* Butter-Fingers Performance of the Year(player)

* Game of the Year for a Bench Player(player)

* On-Fire Performance of the Year(player)

* The Carmelo Performance of the Year(player) [Best game with 0 assists]

* The Rodman Performance of the Year(player) [Best game with 0 points]

* The Nash Performance of the Year(player) [Best game with 0 rebounds]

* The No Conscience[Rudy Gay] Performance of the Year(player) [Worse game with at least 20 shots]

* Social Media Performance of the Year(player)

* Charity(Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award/Kia Community Assist Award)(player)

* Shaqtin-a-Fool Play of the Year(player)

* Shaqtin-a-Fool Player of the Year(player)

* Best Interview Response(player)

* Commercial of the Year(player)


* Greatest Game(2 teams)

* Budding Rivalry Performances Of the Year(2 teams)


* Greatest Quarter Performance(team)

* Greatest Bench Performance in a Regular-Season Game(team)

* Greatest Game Finish(team)

* Greatest Comeback in a Regular-Season Game(team)


* Best Trade of the Year(non-player)

* Best Interview Response(non-player)

* Greatest Outfit(non-player)


* Lifetime Achievement Award


How great would this award show be?

We've got 30+ awards, so basically everyone will be invited.

I'd love to hear the speeches...

"And the winner of Shaqtin-a-fool Player of the Year is... JaVale McGee." "I like to start by thanking god..."


So, any other awards you think I'm missing?

Do you have the 5 contenders for any of the awards? Coach Stotts outfit, Robinson' block...


O/T: The Blazers in the latest mailbag:

(1) This beauty that was included (re: Sidney Wicks, who in 5 seasons with the Blazers(71-76) was a 4x All-star and Rookie of the Year):

Q: In 2013’s NBA Trade Value column, you mentioned how Blake Griffin could be the next Sidney Wicks. However, I think the real candidate is Tyreke Evans, right? Halfway to reaching Wicks!

09-10 ppg: 20.1
10-11 ppg: 17.8
11-12 ppg: 16.5
12-13 ppg: 15.2
13-14 ppg: 12.2
—Andrew, Morgantown, West Virginia

SG: I’m worried that he dropped off too much this season. Wicks’s career was a thing of beauty — either a testament to somebody getting paid too much too soon, an indictment of someone literally losing the capacity to give a shit, a road map for how cocaine use steadily climbed in the 1970s, a perfectly designed algorithm for basketball decline, or all four of those things at once. It’s amazing.

71-72 ppg: 24.5
72-73 ppg: 23.8
73-74 ppg: 22.5
74-75 ppg: 21.7
75-76 ppg: 19.1
76-77 ppg: 15.1
77-78 ppg: 13.4
78-79 ppg: 9.8
79-80 ppg: 7.1
80-81 ppg: 6.7

Griffin' ppg had been the subject of concern:

'10-11: 22.5 ppg
'11-12: 20.7 ppg
'12-13: 18.0 ppg

But then he turned into a monster:

Blake Griffin(first 28 games): 20.5 ppg
Blake Griffin(last 32 games): 27.6 ppg

Though I agree that Tyreke Evans looks like the next Wicks... (just subtract 3-4 ppg).

(2) I don't know why I continue to have this irrational hate towards Felton (but at least I share something with most of you here on Blazersedge).

Q: What are the Vegas odds that a Dolan crony planted the guns on Felton, then tipped off NYPD so the Knicks could get out of his $3.95M contract after they couldn’t trade him? Would you say it’s better than ‘Inside Job -145?’
—Michael, Seattle

SG: Are you kidding? The Knicks can’t even figure out how to use their amnesty! They’re going to suddenly be smart enough to frame a player to get him off the cap? I’d say the odds are 16-to-1. Hey, who wants to look at Ray Felton’s suddenly ironic 2013-14 shot chart with me?


I'd be curious to find out where Raymond Felton fits in the grand scheme of Blazersedge hate...

The hated 'K' street: Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, Kevin Love, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins

Others that have evoked some hate here: Rick Fox, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Ron Artest, Andrew Bogut, Darius Miles,Trevor Ariza, Hedo Turkoglu, Manu Ginobili, Z-Bo, Bonzi Wells

Side-note: The mere mention of Kenneth Faried and Kirk Hinrich also cause Blazersedgers to feel that hatred in their veins, but that's not directed at those players.

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