TYFB's League-Wide Trade Rumors: ANNNND IT'S OVER...

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!... The trade deadline has come and gone...


I have decided to make a post this year, like previous years, speculating about the NBA trade deadline this Thursday (ends at 3:00pm Eastern time/ 12:00pm Pacific time). I will be updating and adding rumors/news as it occurs, so leave any and all information you've got in the comments below. This will be about all 30 teams in the league, not just the Blazers. ENJOY!

Some of the best rumor sites: HoopsHype, RealGM, /r/nba,'s Trade Blog


- BOS would trade Rondo for two first-round picks

- King offered McLemore, IT, and picks for Rondo

- Pelicans are shopping Austin Rivers

- Lakers and Nets discussing Jordan Hill trade

- MEM talking trading Prince for MINN's Budinger and Barea

- Spurs discussing trade for Evan Turner

- Three-team trade being discussed where Lowry goes to Knicks, Teague goes to TOR, and Shump goes to ATL.

- Nets are targeting Jarrett Jack

- Lamar Odom signs contract in Spain

- HOU will not trade Lin before the trade deadline

- PHI is looking for first-round picks for Hawes, Turner, and Young

- Faried's name is begin thrown around in DEN trade rumors

- MINN is interested in Andre Miller if they rid themselves of Barea

- Bucks' Ilyasova and Neal have asked to be traded; Ridnour drawing interest

- TOR interested in Rondo

- HOU's Asik and Lin on trade block again

- Spurs interested in Ilyasova and Thad Young

- Knicks' new target is Jeff Teague

- OKC hoping to use trade exception to find a shooter

- Warriors won't trade Barnes

- Pelicans will trade Austin Rivers and rights to Pierre Jackson

- ORL unlikely to trade Nelson!wjkAq

- Heat interested in Evan Turner

- Nets discussing Terry for CLE's Jack

- Pelicans Gordon and Tyreke unlikely to be traded, says Monty

- GSW looking to deal for Gary Neal

- CHA nearly traded for Butler and Neal

- Kings interested in Jarrett Jack

- Cavs interested in Pierre Jackson's rights, Thornton, and Jason Thompson

- Jazz unlikely to deal Hayward

- CHA discussing trading for Pau Gasol

- Clippers looking for front court depth, willing to trade Jamison and Mullens

- Cavs have no interest in Jason Terry

- Raptors interested in Faried

- Rockets interested in Dunleavy

- Pelicans' Anthony Morrow available for a pick

-Cavs discussed trading for Chris Kaman


- Pelicans likely to get a $4M disabled player exception for Anderson

- SAC and BRK talking trade of Thornton for Terry and Evans.

- MIA refuses to trade Norris Cole

- Lakers and Mavericks looking to [unlikely] trade for Kevin Love

- Celtics interested in UTA's Hayward

- Knicks interested in Jeremy Lin

- SAC's Isaiah Thomas is available. McLemore is not.

- Bucks are dangling Mayo and Henson out there with Gary Neal.

- Dallas is gauging trade interest in Marion and Larkin

- Rockets interested in trading for Rondo

- Knicks, Clippers discuss Felton & Shumpert for Collison trade

- Nets, Suns, Mavs interested in Jordan Hill

- Cavs testing the market for Deng

- WAS interested in trading for Jameer Nelson

- Bobcats interested in Afflalo

- Cavs trying to trump BRK for Jordan Hill

- MEM interested in Barnes

- BOS insists on Parsons in trade for Rondo

- Mavs have contacted CLE about Deng

- Gasol to Suns likely dead

- Wolves receiving trade interest in Shabazz

- Knicks and Nuggs trending towards Beno for Jordan Hamilton trade

- LAC, NYK looking at Barnes & Collison for Shump and Felton

- LAC-NYK trade involving Shump, Felton, and Collison is dead

- ATL interested in LAL's Jordan Hill and Kaman

- SAC might buyout Jason Terry, but they want to see him suit up first

- D-League's Pierre Thomas excused from Idaho game due to the possibility of a trade

- Lakers and Pelicans talking Hill with NO's disabled player exception

- CHA pursuing Gary Neal

- Kevin Love told MINN he will opt out and sign elsewhere

- CLE, SAC talking about trading Jarrett Jack for Jason Thompson

- Unable to get a first-rounder, PHI may take a second-rounder as part of package for Evan Turner

- BRK and Pelicans in the lead for Jordan Hill

- PHX likely standing pat at deadline



- Zeller is on the block now the Hawes is going to CLE

- Pierre Jackson signs with Turkish team

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