Lillard Scores 9, Aldridge 4 As East Beats West In 2014 NBA All-Star Game

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Blazer results from the 2014 NBA All-Star Game

Damian Lillard finished with 9 points on 3-8 shooting in 9 minutes, and LaMarcus Aldridge added 4 points on 2-9 shooting with 4 rebounds in 13 minutes. Neither player had any spectacular moments that will be remembered by the casual fan, and were primarily background characters for the game. A very ho-hum night for both. Aldridge's game was similar to when he has an off-night for the Blazers: The jumpers weren't falling, and he got a few shots inside. Lillard was simply a three-point guy, on a night where a lot of players were three-point guys. He did set a new record for three-pointers for a Blazer in an All Star Game (three).

The game was dominated by the usual players in recent years, who were in "gunner mode", shooting whenever they could. Despite being close, it was a fairly boring game unless you were a big fan of those couple players. The East won, 163-155, and in a pleasant surprise, a ball-distributor won All Star Game MVP, as Kyrie Irving's 31 points and 14 assists beat out Carmelo Anthony's 30 points on an All-Star record 8-13 three-pointers.

Quarterly Breakdowns

- LaMarcus Aldridge entered the game with 1:12 left in the first quarter, and missed a jumper.

- In the second quarter, Aldridge missed two more shots before hitting two layups. During a sideline interview, Kobe Bryant sung the praises of Damian Lillard, who hadn't checked into the game yet. He entered at the 7:30 mark, and immediately nailed a three-pointer. Meanwhile, Aldridge left at the 6 minute mark with 4 points and rebounds. With 3:30 left, Lillard launched his patented DEEP THREE... swish. He then exited the game after having scored 6 points.

The West led at halftime with a crazy score of 89-76.

- Aldridge had a very short sideline interview with Chris Webber at the 6 minute mark, and said nice stuff about Lillard. They both entered the game at the 3 minute mark, and both bricked jumpers until Lillard hit a corner three-pointer.

- In the fourth quarter, Lillard left the game at the 11 minute mark with 3 second half points, and Aldridge came out two minutes later with no second half stats.

Scroll to the comments if you're interested in the real-time Gameday Thread reactions to tonight's game!


For the first time in 20 years, there are two Blazers in the NBA All-Star game. Hang out, relax, and chat about the proceedings here! We're opening this thread a few hours early so you can speculate about the game, and laugh at the pre-game entertainment.

Starting time: 5pm (TNT, Live Stream)

The usual gameday thread rules apply. Have fun! -- Tim

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