Blazers Five Starters in Top 25 Individual +/-

One of the big questions this NBA season is whether the Trail Blazers' record is an aberration or whether it's sustainable. Thinking it might help to look at individual +/- , I went to

A Look at Rankings per Game (447 players total):

7. LMA is +301 (1 spot and only 9 points behind Love)

10. Batum

16. Lillard

21. Matthews

23. Lopez (Hibbert leads centers, ranking #2, vindicating Olshey's scouting 2 years ago)

That's five players in the top 25 league-wide! Ranking in the top 150 players would mean you are playing like an NBA starter. With five positions, having 5 Blazers in the top 25 means they average top-5 in their positions league-wide. Only Indiana can boast better, 5 players showing in the top 13. But the raw numbers don't discount the weak field in the Eastern Conference. It's harder to do in the West.

Looking at the bench, Mo Williams ranks 64th at +82, reflective of an average starter's production. Freeland is slightly positive, but the bench drops off after that, with a surging Robinson at -48, ranking 328 out of 447 players. We need the starters to remain healthy!

A look at per 36 minutes numbers, which include statistical aberrations from players playing only meaningless minutes at the end of blowouts, still finds all five starters in the top 54 players, followed by Allen Crabbe sitting at #85 (for you Crabbe lovers out there) and Mo Williams at #93. Observed lower per-36 minutes rankings for the Blazer starters (and per game rankings, since none have missed so far) also reflects the high minutes they're putting in on the job.

Seen from a +/- perspective, if our starters can stay healthy, and half a season seems like enough of a sample to answer the question: "Yes, the Blazers are for real!"

Interesting side note: Tonight Blazers' opponent, the Warriors, have 3 players ranking in Top 7 in per game numbers. 1. Iggy. 4. Curry. And 7. Lee. While Klay Thompson shows up at #18 while Bogut ranks 38. With Curry back, the Dubs will be dangerous.

Hint for those interested in former Blazers: It might be fun to look up Channing Frye's numbers. He's having a good year.

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