Important Dates for the Upcoming Blazer Season

Christian Petersen

One question I've seen a lot lately is, "when does [insert event here] happen" during the 2013-14 season. Good question!

I go through that every year too, but mainly because I'm planning out Gameday Threads (come join us this year! They're entertaining!) and various "event threads". Today I realized, if I'm doing this work, I may as well post it for everyone else too. So, here you go, the major dates for the Blazers in the upcoming NBA season:

[Note: Many NBA teams are playing international preseason games. They're running under a different schedule, so these dates do not apply universally league-wide]

September 30: NBA Media Day. All the players are at the practice facility, and meet with the media. This is also typically the day when all the Blazer players drop by a web cam and chat with fans.

October 1: First official training camp practice day.

Sunday, October 6: The Blazers' annual Wells Fargo Fan Fest (untelevised, only for the fans in the arena)

Monday, October 7: The Blazers' first preseason game, at home versus the Los Angeles Clippers (Reminder: all preseason games are untelevised. We'll figure out Gameday Threads soon)

October 28, 2pm PDT: The Blazers must finalize their roster. Since the Blazers already have 15 players under guaranteed contract, if any other player "wows" them in preseason, this is the last day to find a way to keep him.

October 30: The season finally begins! The Blazers open on the road, at 7pm PDT in Phoenix.

January 6: 10-day contracts can be signed. This only applies to the Blazers if they have less than 15 players on the roster.

January 10: All unguaranteed contracts become guaranteed. At the moment, this isn't expected to apply to the Blazers.

February 13-18: No Blazer games! They get a full week off this year.

February 14-16: The NBA All-Star Festivities take place in New Orleans, LA.

February 20, Noon PST: The NBA Trade Deadline. Could be an interesting one this year

April 19: The first night of the 2014 NBA Playoffs.

May 20: The NBA Draft Lottery. This won't be relevant to us.

June 26: The 2014 NBA Draft.

After that comes the free agency period in July, Summer League, and then another very long Summer! Brace yourselves, the season is right around the corner. -- Tim

[Primary sources: The NBA's list of important dates, and the updated Blazers schedule for 2013-14]

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