I decided to have some fun

Hi Guys I decided to have some fun. We have our roster locked for the season with the Williams signing, so lets have some fun setting up next seasons roster with predictions for this season.

The main thing I think to determine the roster is who minus 1 current starter will leave this team in a trade. We have no draft pics and no cap next season so those are off the table as tools in themselves. So who are we going to get rid of.

We know that Wes is the most expendable starter, all CJ has to do is play adequately and Mathews is completely expendable. SG by committee next year can be viable as the blazers can run 3-4 players to fill quality minutes at SG. This also removes a log jam at the position, but leave no true starter at SG on the team if CJ only has an ok year.

So Mathews is going to be gone I think for sure. His salary is enough to net a starter back skill and cost wise though not a very good one, or he could get a decent prospect, or be part of a larger trade.

Lets pair Mathews and others to see the salary we would have available for a trade. Mathews 7mil around

So Possible candidates for trade after this year. Right off the bat for me Leonard and Freeland. Leonard may well fall short of were he should be this year and NO may decide to move him. Leonard 2 mill. Freeland has a big contract at around 2.7 mil this year and if he doesn't produce his salary may be used to make contracts match whether he improves or not I don't see him as a blazer next year, where I see a 70% of Leonard staying.

Wright, this guy will be a talent add on a cheap contract to a trade to get a nice return. he is expendable if claver makes solid growth or Barton can get a jump shot and guard bigger players (doubtful) or Allan Crabb becomes more than we dreamed, (not going to happen )

So, so far we have Mathews, Wright and Freeland adding up to around l3 mill. Not a bad piece of cash to make someone and offer either upgrading at the wing or for a center.

What are we looking for in a wing? We need a wing that has a more complete offensive game, balancing between shooting and getting to the basket with about the same level of defense as Mathews.

What about at center? We need to true defensive rim protector/ rebounder, that can score 8 a game. Younger Dalambert type.

Who these players are I have no idea, but they are exactly what this team needs

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