Trading LMA: Who are the Potential Trading Partners?

Sparked by a comment in another thread questioning what teams would even give up the kind of assets we would need in an Aldridge trade, I decided to go through and explore. Here is my opinion on who might offer us the right package:

1. "Hey Neil, so umm LaMarcus Aldridge is tradable? You can find some real gems with about the 25th pick and 2nd rounders!"

Most of these teams would probably love to get LMA, but just don't have the matching pieces for a trade.


Some might argue for a Horford-Aldridge swap. I just don't see that move for either team.



Although you know that, just like it always does, Dallas will pop up in rumors. But then we'll remember that Dallas can offer Shawn Marion and a 2018 pick.



Some might put Houston on the list. Omer Asik, Terrence Jones, and low picks just don't do it for me though.


Los Angeles Clippers

Although LMA is way better than Griffin!

Los Angeles L*kers

Ha! Their fans probably think they are going to get LMA to put alongside Carmelo, LeBron, and Kobe.

Memphis Grizzlies



New Orleans

New York

San Antonio

2. "Aldridge? But we might win games with him!"

Tank fest!






LaMarcus Aldridge and the guys I play with on Monday nights could hold their own against these teams.

3. "Yes, let me tell you about the 2014 draft..."

Most of these teams would probably love to get Aldridge, and have the assets that would allow AT&T to charge for at least two phone minutes.


The acquisition of Al Jefferson decreases, but it does make them appear desperate to not suck as bad.


"Sorry for lying to you about the #1 pick having value this year. Can we be friends again?"



Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure this is the team that gave up assets two years for players who helped them barely squeeze in to the playoffs and left them at the first opportunity.




Sacramento and Toronto are both on the border between all three of the first categories.


4. "You know a top-15 player isn't resigning in Cleveland or Milwaukee right? Let's get GM X on this call and get LaMarcus in the Finals!"


Only if they change from their usual tricks. "LaMarcus, he's a good player. We'd love to trade for him, as long as it doesn't cost us ANYTHING valuable. You like Carlos Boozer, no?"

Golden State

I am pretty sure they are feeling some player movement swagger after getting a seat at the Dwight Howard table, performing one of the largest contract dumps ever, and signing Andre Iguodala.

Agree? Disagree?

Next, I'll look at potential trade from the viable suitors.

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