lets put away all sentimentality

here are the basics of this off season...

olshey has led another mediocre push towards nothing. olshey turns A LOT of 2nd round picks into a few nba players but they have no real value w/limited upside (we know exactly what kind of players crabbe/t rob/lopez will be & if you dont then thats a shame). these players have the same absence of value that define olsheys 2nd round picks. its startling. he must really hate picking outside the lottery...just ship out all future "late" picks. its definitely a...way to go

2014 blazers




la...t rob...freeland


sad break downs

lillard = lock@starting PG

mccollum = is he better than wolters>yes...but can he play SG like snell>no (that my fellow blazers fans is a trade off). people can say BPA & analytics & high character/4 year/etc & chris haynes can stutter some "english" when tv cameras are on so i guess its fine to point out how he loves cj "articulate" mccollum

harris = bye bye

wes = still cant dribble & over rated defender but still called a 3 & D player (if someone said this to my face then i would just walk). he has no more growth > he is now one with his ceiling. i need to fan myself when i watch him penetrate to the basket because its infuriating to have to combine limited basketball skills with countless fans who actually/whole heartedly believe wes is a starter. these fans are not students of basketball. they are Sentimental creatures of habit. i know the blazers "never" have successful off seasons but its not a requirement to rationalize/sanitize something like the addition of lopez

crabbe = another wes but...taller & a touch more athletic & basically has the chance to be half a step better than wes on every level. do i want to wait for him to become that perfect backup ?sure? better than barton & thats for damn sure

barton = comic relief during this slow rebuild

batum = will he ever put together a quality season...hopefully. would i trade a heart beat. does olshey really have a core set of players in his mind...if so then it should consist of one player (the one who beats up photographers?)

claver = he better get comfortable quick because this season will define the route his nba career will go. dunleavy or vesely...dunleavy or vesely...dunleavy or vesely

la = trade him (ideally for harris/vucevic/etc - there is a growing list of players i would trade for la but the trouble is most teams wouldnt trade these players for someone like la)

t rob = horrendously limited on the offensive end and hes just a little guy so perhaps he can be...annoying on defense. his ceiling can be low or high but that doesnt matter when the player in question is completely transparent. we KNOW what t rob is. he is a specialty player who looks good only on paper...with kings and rockets doodles scribbled along the edges so as not to disturb "the content" of t robs potential?

freeland = he must learn to adapt better to the quicker nba game. he must get more comfortable with EVERYTHING. i dont like his spin move in the post because i LOVE it. he has a decent shot and some nice post moves (only when he has a second to get comfortable). he is a better player than what he showed last year. people love to have that one player to completely dismiss > freeland is that guy for most fans who lean towards being lazy rather than objective. i am not saying freeland will be great or change most fans perception of him. but i am saying that he has a chance to be on an nba team and contribute with more efficiency than he did last year. like claver-he has this year to carve out the path his career will take

lopez = no sugar baby talk. clear and coherent facts > lopez is a joke. he is either horrendous or lucky on offense. he treats fouls like long lost friends who need a place to crash...for a little while. the list goes on...or perhaps it doesnt because he is not an NBA starter

leonard = he has the bones of an nba game. he can talk a good game (sounds like a high bball IQ player) but when he is on the court he appears to be the dumbest player i have seen in a long time. i am embarrassed for him and his family...anyone who knows the kid. time will mature his overall existence so he wont celebrate like a fool after dunking on andre miller/etc. i like his shot but his stroke is too rigid/poorly positioned. i like his size and athleticism but he has no actual post moves. i like everything but theres nothing to see. i would trade leonard in a second because potential is oh so finite and teams will catch on that leonard doesnt catch on as quickly as he "should"

my blazers

lillard...wolters (same trade but not crabbe)...livingston (sign-hes now healthy? and solid!)

snell (#10 or trade down to get hawks 2 picks-snell/gobert?)...wes...barton

batum...papa (better than claver/WRIGHT & not worth swapping for T ROB)...claver

la...muscala (better than withey/lopez combined)...freeland

asik (trade?!)...leonard...jermaine (sign-nice little story with a rare final act)

***how do the blazers get asik in my scenario w/seemingly giving up no assets? thats a good question because the blazers would need to lose pieces and im sure i could create some scenario where the rockets trade t rob/asik/maybe others in a 3 team trade with the blazers. the rockets get howard/etc & the blazers get asik & some 3rd team gets t rob/etc. hypotheticals are endless. it appears olshey lives in a much simpler world where reality beats down his phony persona of needle movers & basketball IQ. olshey and the 2nd round do not get along = olsheys bball IQ is showing through his supposed genius. we all get exposed in the end. some people enjoy a third act...most survive the second...i fear olshey will only have one. this is ?only? a fear because i had hoped for more from this new blazers era and its orchestrator. so far his time with the blazers has been 1 major chord surrounded by sour notes

the way the blazers are constructed now spells one thing > no playoffs. i read somewhere on blazersedge that some people believe this roster is a 2nd round playoff team=false! i also keep reading that people actually felt like the blazers could have made the playoffs last year - like the blazers were so close to closing that gap that led to some bad losing streaks. i hate to be so cynical but i call this realism...the blazers over achieved last year. the losing streak that capped last season was basically what i expected at the start of the season. i expected the blazers to be selecting higher than #10 for the 2013 nba draft. i guess everything is merely perspective but it seems a lot of blazers fans have a distorted view of las/wess value to the blazers new "era". a lot of fans LOVE barton & these same people rationalize pathetic off seasons until everything loses value. its easy to remain a fan of something when this "thing" is completely void of meaning. the blazers were a hollow shell last year but fans tried their hardest to believe in a playoff push=crushed. the blazers are putting together another hollow shell for this upcoming season=la will be "crushed" and demand the trade he now "denies". i can go on but whats the point...

this is the point = the blazers and their fans (myself included) better get used to the fact that this season is going to be rough...plain and simple. snell will thrive in chicago & muscala will thrive in atlanta. mccollum will stuggle against SGs and this token 2 PG lineup will prove to be nothing more than a failed experiment considering neither PG can play a lick of defense. la will be traded. wes will show no significant signs of improvement yet his fans will dig in deeper - thats called "irrational". t rob will ride his 1 trick pony. papa will someday prove his value while claver and freeland will fail to get "comfortable" in a timely fashion. the list of Points can go on forever but im going to go listen to some harry nilsson right now so ill stop with the Points and put this down..."^" (if you dont know what this means then either you need to listen to more harry nilsson or perhaps you need to see the blazers through my eyes)

i wish i had better news for all of you...reality is what it is. this upcoming season should be as interesting as your take on my perception of this blazers team that is almost "complete"...

this should be interesting indeed...

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