What i think we will do?

After the acquisition of T Rob which i love, we will have 8.8 million left in cap space

I dont see us going after any big names but rather pick up solid pieces, unless portland is gearing up for a trade of some sort but idk who we would target. Howard isnt goiing to the clippers so Deandre Jodran isnt coming to the blazers.

I could see us making a play for Mareese Speights and Nick Young/Terrence Williams to round out the team

Marreese Speights

Speights reminds me of a poor mans Lamarcus Alderige without as diverse an offensive pallete. He definitely has the mid range jumper down pact. More of a face-up 4. Good in pick and pop game. Sneaky Athlete not a high leaper but is a quick and powerful leaper when he chooses to go hard to the hoop. Good on both boards. Good compliment to LA. After the trade to the cavs he averaged 10.2 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 0.7 blocks in 19 minutes per game. In a starters role he could be just what the doctor ordered.

Marreese Speights 21 pts. Highlights "Cavs vs. Thunder" (02.02.13) HB4L TV (via HB4LTV)

Nick young could be slightly more expensive than we can afford but if possible he could bolster our Second unit and provide depth overall with his ability to score and space the floor.

Terrence Williams

If we cant pull Nick Young i would go for Terrence Williams. Hes a bit of an enigma with how he has bounced from team to team but his talent is undeniable. Immense athletic abilities, great slasher, straight line driver, decent handle can get his shot, good size, good pick and roll skills, good at attacking the basket. Reminds me of a Andre Igoudala lite version without the penchant for sut down defense. In the second unit he can allow Cj Mccollum to play off the ball which like Dame and Eric last year will allow Cj to be more efficient and not pound the rock so much. Can play the 1/2/3. Played back up point guard for celtics last year when rondo got hurt.

Terrence Williams 12-13 Season Mix [BP15] (via BigPatrys15)

If Victor Claver can ever get that pretty jump shot of his to actually fall that second unit could be beast bcuz his shot looks good it just doesnt fall.

This makes us a playoff team and builds asset pool.

Damian Lillard/ CJ McCollum

Wesley Matthews/ Terrence Williams/ Will Barton/ Allen Crabbe

Nicolas Batum/ Victor Claver

Lamarcus Alderige/T-Rob/ Joel Freeland

Marreese Speights/ Meyers Leonard/ Jeff Whithey

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