Transcript: Blazers G Damian Lillard Interviewed On NBA TV


[Promoting to the front page. Thanks for the transcription, Jail Blazer Pride! I'll excuse the username for the day! -- Tim]

David Aldridge caught up with Damian at Real Training Camp today on NBATV. Talks about 2014, competition and CJ McCollum.

DA: "Damian, what does it mean for you to be here to be part of this and to have an opportunity to show these guys what you can do for 2014, 2016 and beyond?"

DL: "Uhh it means a lot. You know its an honor for me and everybody else that's here to be here. Um a lot of people don't get the chance to play in the NBA let alone the opportunity to represent out country, so we all here to put our best foot forward, make each other better so maybe we can take some confidence back to our teams uhh give ourselves a chance to make the team by next year."

DA: "What was the impact for you as a young player watching whether its LeBron James, or Dwyane Wade, or Kobe Bryant those guys playing in the Olympics and then Kevin Durant in the World Championships and the Olympics. Seeing those guys putting the U.S.A on there shirt?"

DL: "It was huge because you see the difference in them as players when they before they got there and after they left. So, hopefully I can use this experience to take my game to another level. You also see that they were all around my age when they.. when it was there first time doing it so uh I want to be in that higher level of players and this is a great start for me."

DA: "Describe the competition, we've been saying that we think Point Guard is the deepest position by far. You got Holiday out here John Wall I mean you got 5-6-7 guys all of whom including yourself obviously that could be on the team."

DL: "Yeah its I mean its like I said its a great opportunity for us to compete against top guards. You know its a good measuring stick for us all you know to compete against each other everyday. Its not like the regular season going up against your teammates you got other starting Point Guards your playing against everyday here so it's a great opportunity for us all."

DA: "I know you were here watching Summer League. You saw your rookie CJ McCollum come in and play very well for him. Hes talked about how he wanted to be in Portland, he wanted to play with you and play with Wes Matthews. What do you think the potential is there?"

DL: "I think he has a lot of potential. He's a lot like myself in the fact that he went to school 4 years, he's a really mature guard, you know he can really score the ball. Decent size for our position he can play on and off the ball so that's what we needed."

DA: "What do you see for the Blazers going forward? You guys were in the mix for awhile kinda faded kinda faded at the end towards the playoffs. What do you think going forward? You gonna be able to do next season?"

DL:" I think we made a lot of moves this summer that really helped our team on paper. We'll definitely have to put it together on the floor make it happen but I'm excited about what we have ans i think we can be a Playoff team."

DA: "Damian congratulations on your success and your Rookie of the Year Award and good luck with you here on USA Basketball."

DL: "Thanks a lot. Appreciate it."

Transcribed by myself, sorry for punctual errors!

Highlights of the broadcasts were Dennis Scotts F bomb out of nowhere. Lowlights included everything else including the close up shots of the coaches and players while live scrimmages were being played.

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