What level is this young core's potential? Aka the All Potential Team

My impressions after reading this piece on Joel Freeland

I got to thinking about where this team could be, potential wise, the season after next.

We know what we're getting from LaMarcus, Wesley, Lillard, Watson and for the most part Batum, Lopez, Claver and Wright

So of the current unknowns (McCollum, T-Rob, Meyers, Crabbe, Freeland, Barton) i'd like to throw out some player comparison ideas just to gauge where this team can be if most things go right and sorta put the current composition into a positive perspective because we know the issues with the team as it stands today and that the odds of contention are against us.

I'll start with CJ McCollum. He has sparkplug written all over him. Whether its from deep 3, off the dribble, floaters in the lane or a fade away, his shot is versatile and he can get it off with minimal space. Jason Terry/Vinnie Johnson

T-Rob as we've noticed as an amazing rebounder with a motor that feeds off emotion. (Just think of how many boards he'll get in the RG!) a cross between Hickson and Faried would be perfect for this squad, and as far as i can see that outcome is quite probable.

Meyers is a finesse big man, lets face it he doesn't like to back people down, he likes to catch and flip a hook over them and step out for a long 2 or 3 pointer. His rebounding doesn't look like it will ever be where we want it to be (he can prolly pull down 8.5 boards per 36) asking for more than that is within reason, but highly unlikely to occur. For the purpose of this fanpost Meyers is Mehmet Okur/Andrea Bargnani

With Allen Crabbe its entirely too early to tell how he'll develop but if that was going to stop me I wouldn't have started typing. I'd seen him some at Cal and he has a reliable stroke, can get his shot up quickly and if his man is screened off its usually bottoms. He has a ways to go on D but he has the requisite length to make strides in that department. He also has a serious aggressiveness problem.. In a perfect world he'd amount to a Rip Hamilton/Doug Christie hybrid

Will Barton plays like a wild and crazy man on the court. I honestly dont recall a player being that level of out of control at all times. Griping excitement, followed by tentative disappointment. I think he's one of those guys that goes over to Europe and puts on a show for a Greek league or something.

Now Freeland, he's a slow guy. I'm not talking bout smarts, im talking bout foot speed, side to side. His lack of elite quickness can be masked by high B-Ball IQ which i think he's capable of. I like the Nick Collison parallel.

Thats 13 rotation players if you count Earl Watson and dont count Barton

The All Potential Team:

Lillard / Terry / Watson

Matthews / Christie

Batum / Wright / Claver

LMA / Faried / Collison

Lopez / Okur

Ya'll have a nice day.

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