Potential Trade Targets

I have mixed feelings about our offseason because I thought we needed to either acquire a major piece or trade LaMarcus. We obviously did neither, but we did improve depth and our trade assets are at least a step above non-existent. Hopefully some of the players we acquired and some of our bench guys can play themselves into trade pieces with value.

Maybe the hope is to make a splash in the trade market. Like Olshey did with Paul or Houston with Harden, though likely on a smaller scale. It got me thinking, who could be some potential targets?

I will only include players who could become available because of circumstance, ones who would actually make a difference, and ones that we (might) have a (semi-) reasonable chance at acquiring, and would NOT include trading LaMarcus Aldridge.

Al Horford

The biggest name happens to be first too.

I think the Hawks had a terrible offseason, keeping themselves in a low playoff seed with few avenues for improvement. Maybe if they don't get off to the start they hoped for, they will realize that blowing it up and building through the draft is their best bet.

If that happens, I'd definitely like to see us make a hard run at Horford. We could offer Batum and pieces, or a package centered on Leonard, TRob, and Wes going to a third team.

Horford prefers to play power forward, but he's been playing at an all-star level at center for several years. He also has a very reasonable contract. I'd love to add him to the core.

Anderson Varejao

Cleveland has a lot of bigs that could be valuable, although they all are young or have injury concerns or both. If Andrew Bynum and the young guys pan out, Varejao is expendable.

Of course, I'd like to see him stay on the court for awhile before trading for him. But if healthy, he is a great rebounder and solid defender who doesn't need offensive touches but isn't a complete liability there.

Andrew Bogut

This could be a bit of a stretch. But Bogut was reportedly not too happy about being involved in trade discussions for Howard. Golden State was also very effective playing with smaller lineups and they acquired two rotational big men.

I am not sure what we could offer them, but maybe a three way trade that lands then a Jarret Jack replacement. Even slowed by age injuries, Bogut is a game changer on defense. If he can stay on the court.

Omer Asik


Eric Gordon

Gordon has been in trade rumors pretty much his entire tenure with the Hornicans. He is supposedly happy there after the acquisitions of Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans. But there also won't be a lot of minutes or shots to go around.

He would be a high risk move. He was an all-star level shot creator and top-five shooting guard at his best, but has struggled with injuries since. Hard to find someone with this much talent on the trade market though.

Tyson Chandler

You wouldn't think New York would want to trade Chandler, but perhaps they are going for the worst defensive front court in history by adding Bargnani to Anthony and Stoudemire.

Joking aside, the Knicks are on the clock now, and they have few avenues to improve because of their cap situation and lack of trade assets. If they feel they need more depth, trading Chandler for a worse, though younger, center in Robin Lopez and adding in pieces at other positions may not be a bad bet.

Chandler would give us a defensive game changer, even if he is aging, and way more veteran experience.

Marcin Gortat

Like Asik, we've spent plenty of time discussing this possibility. Phoenix says they want to keep him, but that just doesn't make sense to me especially if they can get assets.

DeMarcus Cousins

With the new ownership and coach, the Cousins' trade winds have died down. Who knows with this player and franchise though.

If they don't get off to the start they're hoping for, maybe a Batum-Leonard for Cousins-Salmons package starts to look pretty good.

It's a high risk, especially for a team that has been careful to add high character guys. But, it is not often you have a chance to acquire a franchise level talent.

What do you guys think? There are obstacles in trades or hesitations for all these guys, but then there never is a perfect trade idea. Are any of these guys acquirable and worth it? Any other trades we could do to advance our playoff hopes this year?

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