Post Depth... What are we waiting for?

Unlike much of the negative-based faction here on BlazersEdge, I am feeling very strong about the off-season. For most of the Negative-faction, they feel we missed adding a big name.. which is true. However Portland is a team that proved to hold a solid starting unit last year and we all targeted with a few key additions...

1. Starting Center or COTF

2. Reliable Bench scoring (Dorrell Wright, hope CJ McCollum hits solid)

3. Bench Depth (continued growth of Claver & Barton, upside/energy of Thomas Robinson)

I am fine believing in the development of Meyers Leonard into the true Center of the Future, and the addition of Robin Lopez to be a starter or key (25+min/game) post rotational player was, IMO, a better than decent move. Flat out, I like Robin Lopez for the Blazers and I know we will all come around to embracing Lopez as a Portland Trail Blazer....

But EVERYONE on here is thinking it and feeling it... It is NOT ENOUGH DEPTH at the Post. Portland needs another BIG in a big way. So what are we waiting for?

No disrespect to 4th-string PG Terrel Harris, but he needs to be gone so Portland can add the best asset possible. What exactly is the "Best Asset Possible"? In my opinion the BEST asset possible is one that helps Portland look & play more like a Playoff Contender but also allows future flexibility. I am defining "flexibility" as either a Short-term Veteran contract who can contribute up to 20+ minutes when called up or a younger Big who could be a welcomed addition in a trade at some point.

One Free Agent I had my heart set on was Jermain O'Neal and we missed him. Another player that I REALLY wanted Portland to sign was Andray Blatche, who signed for only $1.4Million back with Brooklyn (where he had told his agent that he did not want to be anymore). But the good news is that there are still some players who Portland could add to give us that extra-Uummpff down-low in the paint and the depth chart. Here are the players I like for the Blazers roster:

Samuel Dalembert (mil) - 7'0" 33y/o

Brandon Wright (dal) - 6'10" 25y/o

players I would settle for: Joel Pryzbilla(mil), Johan Petro(atl), Chris Wilcox (bos) or DeJuan Blair (sac)

Now is the point in Free Agency where these players are guys in the "Not gonna sign a huge Deal" category, so the timing is right for Portland to get a reasonable contract. Don't deny it Neigh-sayers, with one of these guys rounding out Portland's depth chart at the post you'd be a lot more satisfied moving forward?

Who do you like? Which one of these guys would be the best move for now and the future of this team?

And the Zillion-Dollar Question: Why don't the Blazers-Brass make a move NOW and get their favorite fit of this bunch? amongst yourself.

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