Candidates for the Blazers Mini Mid Level Exception (+Poll)

Well, its July 10th and the Free Agent Moratorium is over.

All draft day trades and verbal contract agreements have been finalized and the Blazers have 15 men on their roster already.

Lets assume that Terrel Harris gets waived before his contract is guaranteed.

14 men is still pretty full.

Lillard (34) / McCollum (22) / Watson ()

Matthews (30) / Crabbe () / Barton ()

Batum (32) / Wright (20) / Claver ()

LMA (34) / T-Rob (15) Freeland ()

Lopez (24) / Leonard (20)

To supplement depth i think the starting five will play significantly less minutes than last year.

But this 9 man rotation only leaves 9 or so free minutes between Watson, Crabbe, Barton, Claver and Freeland.

Stotts would have to DNP 3 players from the active 12 man roster

Watson isnt a priority for minutes, as he knows his role is emergency PG.

So If the Blazers were to use their mini exception would there even be room in the rotation for a 2.5 million dollar player to get time?

Lets also assume that since there are many first and second year players that as many as 3 of these 14 players could be shuttled to Idaho for development and playing time.

T-Rob has a lot of potential, but if he struggles would ya'll be comfortable with Joel Freeland as the backup 4?

T-rob is likely another player that could see time in Idaho. So i think the front office should bring in another PF with experience that can soak up 9 minutes of play for sure, and absorb T-Rob's 15-18 minutes as well if need be

Now lets consider the players that could accept an offer from Portland

Elton Brand : 2012-13 salary was $2,100,500 (per basketball-reference)

Brandon Wright: 2012-13 salary was at the league minimum for fifth year players $992,680 (per

A player comparison of the 2 players:

Brandan Wright seems to have the makings of an elite role player, and both players could catch some mins at center as well. But do we need two Wright's on the team?

What do you guys think? Should the Blazers use the mini exception on one of these guys and stock the D league team with the less experienced players that wont see significant minutes immediately in the NBA? Or ride the wave of youth completely?

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