Just HOW competitive do you think we are? Assuming Asik.

So far this has been a very exciting NBA off-season. I am not sure if my favorite part so far is having CJ McCollum fall to us at 10 or watching David Stern get BOOed (I am literally taking pleasure and laughing out loud as I think about it still today!)? Lots of NBA teams are in the action, and there are many different motives and destinations for this coming season. For Portland (and definitely for LMA), the goal is to put together a roster that puts us at Home court in the playoffs... Top-4 Western Conference. Sure we'll settle for making the playoffs in a 6th, 7th or 8th; a "Successful" season this year will be defined by winning a playoff series. Or do you think it is even higher? A season that will help motivate LaMarcus Aldridge to remain a Blazer past this contract will likely be defined by making Conference Finals.

With those goals in mind, I would like to hear what my fellow BlazersEdgers think about the likely roster at the beginning of th Omer Asik-era Blazers.

1. The most speculated rumors are that IF Houston lands D.Howard, Asik is going to be traded to Portland who Sign & Trade JJ Hickson to whatever contract Houston wants and then Portland absorbing the difference with Cap (Likely Joel Freeland in that deal, too). Portland gets it's center in Omer Asik, 26-year old 7'0 235lb center from Istanbul, Turkey. We know the Rose Garden is going to be rocking that Puttin' on the RItz song It's Constantinople, now it's Istanbul not.... Well you know how they do.

2. Portland gets to sign a wing with the Bi-Annual Exception, so it is someone for around $1.7 mil per year. Most recently I have heard that former Blazer SF Martell Webster, whom we are all familiar with, to be coming back as a 6'7" Guard-Forward, known for his solid shooting and solid defense. There are other options for this money, and I would like to hear who other than Martell you might want for this same money? One option I like is Brandon Rush, anyone?

3. Portland uses a minimum salary exception to sign another former Blazer, veteran Center/PF Jermaine O'Neal. This rumor has been floating around for a long time. What other options would you like to see as front court depth?

4. Thomas Robinson, for which I am super-excited! Talk about adding an asset! If he pans out, I won't feel as bitter should Greg Oden sign and play well for either Miami or San Antonio.

5. Portland could also find a way to sign a cheap-o at Point Guard for depth, who is the best fit for this spot?


PG - Damian Lillard CJ McCollum

SG - Wes Matthews Will Barton Allen Crabbe

SF - Nic Batum Martell Webster Victor Claver

PF - LaMarcus Aldridge Thomas Robinson Jermaine O'Neal

FC - Omer Asik Jeff Withey Meyers Leonard

How confident are you that this roster would compete immediately and be strong enough to make it to the 2nd Round Playoffs at least? ... talk amongst yourselves


Is Omer Asik good enough to stop Blazers Fans asking, does Portland have a Center?

Who other than Martell would you like as a SF/Wing at that cheap of price tag?

Which back-up back-up Point Guard would you like Portland to fill out the roster with?

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