How realistic would these moves be? Can they move the needle?

According to a recent BE post ( we will have approximately 12.3 million in cap space.

What I propose is going after one of several wings: Evans, Mayo, or Redick. Brewer could also provide some D and bench scoring. This would take up between 6-8 million. The point is to acquire a player who can distribute yet contribute in other areas as well.

This would probably leave us with 4-5 million to spend on....

With the remaining cap space I'd go after the best player available to add much needed depth. How do you guys feel about Darren Collison to back up Lillard? If Dallas is really trying to shed cap space for Howard or Paul then do you think Neil could finagle a trade involving our 3 second rounders and the rights to our euro (Kpap) plus (suggestions here please :D ) for Collison and their #13? This is dependent on whether or not Dallas would match an offer since he is a RFA but I will leave that up to you experts out there. Is this even feasible OR will Collison deserve a huge price tag this summer?

After we're capped out I'd like to use the MLE on Timofey Mozgov. He has shown defensive competency while guarding some of the best centers around. Below is what he can do against a healthy Bynum.

Then pick up J. Oneal for the vet minimum. The long term goal would be to let Leonard continue to develop while hoping Mozgov can experience the same growth Asik showed when given more minutes. Oneal would also be able to contribute in limited minutes.

Use #10 on a big with potential such as Adams or Zeller. While we could deepen our backcourt with the #13 on someone like Pope or Muhammed. With the athletic showing Zeller exhibited at the combine I am leaning that way and crossing my fingers on his ability to bulk up to grow into a LMA jr.

If the stars aligned and all of this happened then our lineup would look something like:

Lillard, Collison

Mathews, (Evans, Mayo or Redick), Barton

Batum, Claver, Muhammed

Aldrige, Zeller, Freeland

Mozgov, Oneal, Leonard

I'm trying to use our cap space to realistically maximize our acquisition of assets.

Another idea I had recently is about Leonard at the 4. He already has a great face up game and I think he could devastate in the post. A lot of you BE edgers are dissatisfied with his defensive development and so if we moved him to back up LMA while drafting Adams over Zeller then Adams could grow into the more defensive oriented paint clogger that we so desperately need. I haven't given up on Meyers, in fact I love the kids promise but it is just a random thought I had.

I believe the combination of depth and talent would push the Blazers light years ahead of where they are currently at. The sum of the parts is greater than each individual addition.


A diehard ripcity fan

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