The Blazer's Big Board

Assuming we keep the pick and don't/can't trade it, what would the Blazer's Big Board look like?

This is not a mock draft of the top 10 picks, but instead a list of who the Blazer's would take if that player were available.

This is a combination of Best Player Available, with Team Need being used to separate players who are fairly close talent wise.

While many of these players will be gone before #10, the Blazer's could trade up (never mind the logistics of that) and this would be their preference of players.

1. Nerlens Noel

Noel is considered the top player in the draft, he could potentially fill an important role for the Blazer's as a defensive C.

2. Victor Oladipo

Oladipo is an improvement and long term solution at SG. His defense is excellent, and his shooting has shown improvement.

3. Ben McLemore

Ben would similarly be a long term upgrade at SG. His biggest knock is aggression, but that could make him a good fit next to a guy like Lillard.

4. Otto Porter

He may end up being the best player to come out of this draft. Does a little bit of everything. He replicates Batum (makes him move able) but is too talented to pass up.

5. Trey Burke

While PG is not the biggest need, if Burke fell to 10 (unlikely) he would be the most talented guy on the board, and the Blazers would take him.

6. Anthony Bennett

Bennett is a "tweener" forward, but the Blazers could certainly use his scoring off the bench. He may not have a natural position but he can definitely play.

7. CJ McCollum

A lot has been said about CJ in the last couple days. The Blazers hope he can be a backup 1 and 2.

8. Steven Adams

Taking another project C is a tough call, but his ceiling might be higher then any other guy in the draft. Lot's to work with but a lot of work to do.

9. Alex Len

High potential C like Adams, but Len has a little more polish on offense. Too much like Meyers Leonard, but too talented to pass on if the other 8 guys above are all gone.

10. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

A do it all SG, fits a need for the Blazers. KCP or CJ are most likely the Blazer's pick at 10 (Minn will take one of these guys at 9) unless on of the previous players listed falls.

At least one of these 10 will be available when the Blazer's pick comes up. There are a few other options (including a glut of project centers) but I just don't see the team reaching for anyone not on here. Of course someone could absolutely "wow" the team during a workout or they could pull another Nolan/Faried deal.

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