A way to kill two birds with one stone



This is inspired by the Soho post below, so hat tip:

So, I think we need an upgrade at the 2 and also of course our coveted defensive center. I think the answer to both lies in a trade with WAS for their pick and Okafor.

Keep in mind ESPN trade machine won't let me do Okafor so I'm doing it on Real GM tradechecker

This eats into our cap, but I think is worth it for Oladipo.

Saves Washington some money and makes sense for both teams. It's Okafor PLUS their pick. They lose some cap space and it's worth it. Try for this and if they don't bite offer the #10 as well. They are getting 3.5 million in cap space out of the trade and they are getting a young small forward who is only 4 years older and a PROVEN NBA talent. I think they would probably bite if you include the #10 but I would try not to.

I would then see what we can do to free up some cap room so we can make a run at Iggy or Josh Smith. At this point we are close to a VERY strong team so we do what we must to clear cap space.

PG: Lillard

SG: Oladipo/Matthews

SF: Iggy, Josh Smith, Matt Barnes or Martell Webster (he hit 42% 3pt this year and I like the #redemptionstory) that we can snag. There are a few SF's who are decent on the market this summer, which is one of the reasons I like this idea.

PF: LMA (we might want to look into T. Robb if we are able to free up the space)

C: Okafor/Leonard and if we retain #10 Steven Adams or Gobert or Dieng to develop behind Okafor.

This team has the kind of upgrade we need to actually compete out west. I will let one of the cap wizards around here tell me what is necessary to make this work or if it is flat out impossible This trade actually excites me and seem plausible. WAS does it because they get a guaranteed young guy who fits what they need AND they dump a difficult contract and free up cap space they desperately need to do without boosting an ECF competitor. Okafor expires next summer so he's not an albatross, but is something WAS has to look at lest they run afoul of the salary cap and that contract makes no sense with Nene being a better player. This helps both teams, gives us a competent big, at a shot one of the big potential players in this draft and doesn't have us part with LMA or Lillard.
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