Where will Hickson land? S&T

Looking at the teams with cap space this year it is hard to find a fit for Mr.Hickson which leads me his agent might push for a sign and trade, here is the list of teams that could offer JJ around 7-8 million per year which he will likely attempt to demand.

- Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Portland, and Utah

First let's look at the teams that almost certainly won't offer JJ a contract

Portland: Unless we are pulling a S&T it just doesn't make sense to offer JJ 8 million of our 12 million in capspace. Unless we believe Withey and Leonard are the answer at Center and JJ would provide 20-25 minutes a game as a back up 4/5/.

Houston/Dallas: Looking to sign a big name FA, if they miss out on Dwight I would look for them to spend big on either Josh Smith or Al Jefferson possibly. Hickson unlikely to end up here unless they miss Dwight and spend their 20 million or so on a bench.

Cleveland: Doubtful they will bring him back after trading him once already, plus they seem high on Thompson.

That eliminates 4 teams, leaving 6 options.

Utah: Possible, especially if they lose Milsap and Jefferson. But with Favors, Kanter, and Gobert again I just don't see the minutes there for JJ, and will they want to spend 8 million or so on him? Not so sure.

Phoenix: Only has about 8 million in space if I am correct, with Scola, the Morris Bros, Gortat, and Len, if PHX decides that he is their long term solution at PF they would have to use all their cap and trade a few.

Milwaukee/Detroit: Sanders and Ilyasova are who they are building around in Mil and Drummond and Monroe in Detroit (also rumored to be targeting J-Smith), so unless JJ is content with being the 6th man there they seem unlikely.

This leaves us Atlanta and Charlotte

Out of the two I see Atlanta as the most viable/likely scenario, as they are likely to miss out on Dwight and CP3. They will have enough money to offer him 8 million per and still have enough money to sign some FA. He would fit their attempt at more of a youth, rebuild situation, but still this is far from a sure thing.

So where do you guys see JJ landing, I don't see many viable options which leads me to the question of whether a S&T could work? Here are a couple I was able to come up with. All based on JJ signing a 4yr 30mil contract.

PHX: Hickson for Luis Scola and a 2nd rounder.

We get a solid back-up 4 in Scola at 4.5mil a year. Leaves us about 8 Million still to sign Mayo and Jermaine.

Lillard, Mayo, Batum, LA, Jermaine,

CJ, Wes, Claver, Scola, Withey/Leonard

Same deal/option to Indiana for Tyler Hansbrough

PHI: Hickson and Freeland (10.2mil) for Spencer Hawes and J-Rich (12.7), leaves us about 3-3.5mil for another FA + Jermaine. Corey Brewer maybe at 3yr 10mil?

Lillard, Wes, Batum, LA, Hawes

McCollum, J-Rich, Brewer, Jermaine, Withey/Leonard

Other than that S&T were a bit difficult to come up with... so where would you like to see JJ end up?

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