Year to accumulate 1st round draft picks

KP added 1st round picks often (i.e. Batum) a few years back. It's time to do it again.

Aquire 1st round picks that can contribute right away.

  • Higher chance of building trade value.

  • Bigger choice in finding needed skill sets.

  • “Weak draft??” and Cap constrains are making more teams willing to trade picks.

  • Smaller Cap hit than FAs. (4 years at low cost)

Dave- quote, “Portland's slogan entering the free-agency period is EMC...Every Million Counts.

The Blazers' greatest obstacle this summer won't be need or players available to fill those needs,

it'll be budgeting.”

Doing this could produce a team of:

PG Damian Lillard /Dennis Schroeder /C.J. McCollum

SG C.J. McCollum /Caldwell-Pope /Will Barton

SF Nicolas Batum /Glen Rice Jr /Victor Claver

PF LaMarcus Aldridge /Gorgui Dieng /Joel Freeland

C Your CHOICE! /Meyers Leonard /Al Harrington

with $14,572,129 in Cap Space to pay your Center of choice. Interested? Keep reading.

How it's done:

Drop Sasha Pavlovic- $1,399,507 (add to CS)

Dallas trades 13th for #39 and #40

Dallas? …. is rumored to want to clear CS and trade this pick.

Trade Wesley to Atlanta for 17th and 18th- $6,875,480 (add to CS)

Atlanta? … is one of the least desirable teams for a FA but, a team with a great

need for a starting, proven SG.

NY trades 24th for Kostas Papanikolaou and the 45th

NY? ….. big Salary-cap issues and rumored to want Pap. back.

Add FA C Al Harrington- $1,250,000(subtract from CS)

New CS total: $21,784,329

#10 ........... $1,930,600--- Combo-G C.J. McCollum

[#13 Dal] $1,655,300--- PG Dennis Schroeder

[#17 Atl] $1,348,200--- PF/C Gorgui Dieng

[#18 Atl] $1,280,800--- SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Allen Crabbe

[#24 NY] $997,300--- SF Glen Rice Jr.

Rookie total: $7,212,200

CS remaining: $14,572,129

I now believe that McCollum would fall to the 10th pick and be more valuable (coupled with acquiring

Gorgui Dieng) than picking Gobert and waiting for him to develop sufficiently.

McCollum like Lillard entered the draft after his senior season and is now prepared for the NBA.

Towards the end of last season, teams were able to successfully trap Lillard in the back court

because Wes did not have adequate ball handling skills. In “small-ball” schemes, McCullum

would play SG next to him negating that type of defense.

SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope can come in when large opposing SGs are creating a mismatch problem.

I have listed Allen Crabbe as an alternate choice who would almost be as good a fit.

Able to come off screens, and very effective as a floor-spacer with his feet set, Caldwell’s tantalizing ability to create and make tough shots off the dribble is likely his strongest calling card as a prospect (A skill that Wes didn't have). From

PG Dennis Schroeder is less expensive than Eric Maynor and with a needed skill set (speed).

Average physical tools for Lillard and McCollum could create match-up problems in games.

Substituting Schroeder's speed at key times in those games would neutralize that advantage.

Dennis Schroeder has already gained Pro BB experience in Germany.

Batum has not made it through an entire year of competing for a French team and the full 82

for the Blazers in the last 2 seasons. Depth at SF is a must. Victor Claver could develop but,

NFVDL honed SF Glen Rice Jr. is the answer now. Rice may always be that driven backup to Batum

(signed through 2016). But, a “Star-want-to-be” would lose patience and pout... not Rice.

At 23 year of age, Gorgui Dieng can contribute minutes at the C position as backup this year.

On top of his sheer size, Dieng is also a solid athlete for a near 7-footer, possessing good quickness and leaping ability to go along with a strong motor. The anchor of the #1 ranked defense in the country, Dieng averaged an impressive 3.2 blocks per-40 minutes pace adjusted as a junior. (Dieng)...he's a very capable weak-side shot-blocker with excellent timing who has learned to patrol the paint without fouling or goal-tending as much as he did in the past. From

I have listed 14 players for the team. The 15th player should be a seasoned veteran to be picked up using one of the available exceptions.

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