Blazer Trades: Picking up the Pieces for Rebuilding Teams

On Thursday, Boston and Philadelphia made it obvious they are joining the Wiggins and co. sweepstakes. Along with Phoenix as teams they are rebuilding, with pieces remaining that don't fit that plan.

There are a few players from those teams who could be on the trade block; potential fallback options for us.

Marcin Gortat, Phoenix-

The Suns need serious rebuilding. They say they aren't looking to trade Gortat, but it makes sense on paper. We've speculated about acquiring Gortat here, usually that involving trading the #10 pick.

I still think Gortat would be a good option for us, but I am not sure we have the right pieces. Unless Phoenix is cool with saving money and/or like Barton, Claver, Greek, etc.

Channing Frye, Michael Beasley, Shannon Brown, Jared Dudley, Phoenix-

These three also don't fit well in Phoenix. I wouldn't touch Beasley with a ten-foot pole, not even if Gortat was included. His contract is bad and he is a negative to a team as it stands (hopefully he'll have an epiphany at some point, but it will probably come when he has to take a non-guaranteed deal).

I'd consider taking on Frye as the Gortat-tax if we can't get better players in FA or trade. He could actually be useful if he played, or have his salary cleared via medical retirement.

Brown is pretty superfluous now, but he does bring some athletic explosiveness that our backcourt lacks. He's not worth his cap hit, but if acquiring him was the price for Gortat (if we can't get someone like Asik), I'd do it.

Jared Dudley is suited to be a role-player on a good team, not a good rebuilding one. I am not sure what his value is right now with his large-ish contract. He'd be an adequate, low-priced replacement if we use Batum or Matthews in a trade for a center. Or he could be included with Gortat if the Suns want to get out of the $13 million on his contract.

Courtney Lee, Boston-

Lee had a down year in Boston and they appear to look to ditch his contract. He is not worth the $5m hit in the current situation. But if we did use Matthews in acquiring a center, he'd be an OK replacement, especially if Boston took back Freeland.

Brandon Bass, Boston-

Another guy who is not worth the $6m hit. But if we are only able to acquire a Dalembert/O'Neal level center and the Celtics were willing to take back Freeland (which would still save them a lot of $), Bass would be a good backup. He could spot Aldridge, and bump him to center 10 minutes or so a game (he started alongside Garnett).

Spencer Hawes, Philadelphia-

Hawes would not be my first option for a starting center; he is not exactly a defensive juggernaut. But he is skilled and if the Sixers are ready to full-on rebuild, they could move him for little.

Kwame Brown, Philadelphia-

If we are unable to to even add Dalembert or O'Neal but really want an OK defensive center. Brown is certainly not the most appealing name, but $3m for a big center who can stand is not terrible.

Jason Richardson, Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, Philadelphia-

The Sixers would certainly part with Richardson since he is an older vet and has a large contract. I don't really see him fitting with us.

Young and Evans might be available, though Philly will want assets. They could be Batum or Matthews replacements, but I don't see them as good fits.

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