Possible trade to get Asik that might work for HOU

Ok so I've been tinkering with ways to get Asik and it just seems impossible without a third team. Houston is assumed in this scenario to get Howard otherwise of course this is all moot. So assume HOU has an agreement in principle to get D-12.

So I got to thinking about what Houston wants. They need to clear capspace, replace Asik with a backup Center. They would like a SF but Batum is just too expensive for them and eats up too much space. What they really need is promising young talent to hold down the SF spot. So then I thought about teams who might be interested in Batum and have the cap space to do it and perhaps a GM who is looking to make a move to keep their boss happy. Charlotte came to mind.

So I came up with this trade which you can click on here.

Portland out: Batum, Freeland, W. Barton, M. Leonard, future 1st protected top 5 to HOU

Houston out: Omer Asik, T. Robinson

CHA Out: MKG, future protected 1st to HOU.

HOU in: MKG, Meyers Leonard, future protected 1st from CHA and from Portland.

CHA in: Batum, Freeland, W. Barton.

Por in: Omer Aisk, T. Robinson

Why CHA does it. They reportedly had MKG on the block during the draft so while he has shown flashes he apparently hasn't appealed enough to management. Batum is an upgrade if more expensive, but CHA has plenty of capspace and they also get W. Barton who might step up given enough playing time which he would have in CHA. Also Cho knows Batum and likely covets him to some degree AND he probably wants to make a move to keep Jordan happy, especially after the Zeller pick. They are getting a talent here so it's not bad for CHA at all.

Why Houston does it. Well this whole trade hinges upon them getting D-12. By picking up MKG they are getting a young talented SF who is on his rookie contract and can start for them immediately. They get a young project center in Leonard who can backup Dwight and pick up 5 million in cap space. They also get two future 1sts to reload down the line when they are over the cap, which they will be most likely. If necessary you throw in some 2nd round picks to get it done. Houston has an absolutely sick lineup of Lin, Harden, MKG, T Jones and D-12 and looks to be a top 3 seed in the West with room to grow (MKG + picks).

Why Portland does it. You have Withey now and he could learn from Asik and he can do spot minutes. T. Robinson is a great backup for LMA so you add tons of front court power to the team. We get a gaping hole at SF, but it is much, MUCH easier to fill a SF spot than the Center position. Plus we gain a shed load of cap space to the tune of almost $5 million leaving us in the $16 million range. Keep in mind tons of teams will have tons of cap space this summer so adding cap space GREATLY improves our chances in the FA market.

After this trade you can then go after either a dynamic scorer like Evans or a SF replacement like J. Smith or Iguodala. I'm going to go with the latter because it fills a position of need. Here is Portland's lineup when the smoke clears:

PG: Lillard/3J McGollum
SG: Matthews/3J McGollum
SF: J. Smoove/Claver or Iggy if that's your flavor
PF: LMA/Robinson
C: Asik/Witey

That team has great defense 3-5 and quite the scoring punch at the 1,3 and 4. With a scorer off the bench like McGollum and Robinson to hopefully add a little something something. Depth is WILDLY improved over last year with the one real weakness being at backup 3 and we fill the center void.

So what do you guys think? I realize the picks might be a sticking point, but those are much more fluid and easy to adjust to make it work.
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